Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coon Cam

 Eight Raccoons eating my deer corn.  I'm all for supporting your local wildlife, but this is too much.  Time to turn on the trap and start reducing them.  


d smith kaich jones said...

But they're so CUTE! God will get you for this.

catfish said...

Between coons and squirrels, they'll keep you hopping for sure.

Smart little bastards.

Robert Langham said...

I don't think God is going to make a big deal out of 15 or 20 coons. Heck, look at the Japs Truman killed with the bomb. You don't think he's in Heaven?

Mike Florey said...

Smart is right. I trapped one in a have-a-heart trap and while I was having breakfast the little devil broke out!
I found a great trap especially for raccoons called the "Egg Trap". Are you familiar with it? Darn thing works like a charm. Check it out.
I don't have coons raiding my garden anymore.