Sunday, July 6, 2008

National Match Rifles

 Some sorting left to do with the newly-barreled Betsy but last night I sat down and entered the National Match events I intended to fire at Camp Perry.  I'm going to fire the Presidents 100, the National Trophy Individual Trophy Match, The Springfield 1903, Garand, Vintage Military Rifle, plus the Six-Man Bullseye State Team and Infantry Trophy Team.
  I'm carrying five rifles for the matches: Garand, 1903A3, Swiss K31 and two ARs.  I've shot deer with the three older rifles and won the TSRA Garand and Vintage Championships with the M1 and the K31.
  The match fees for individual firing was 210.00.  The TSRA pays the State National Match fees.  It's an expensive week, though the match fees are one of the smaller expenses.  


catfish said...

Just around the corner - you ready?

And, your linky no worky.

Robert Langham said...

Thanks, will check the link. They start shooting pistols tomorrow, and no, I'm not ready, but it doesn't matter.

catfish said...

Good luck, show 'em how Texas boys shoot. ;)