Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Apex Predators

  First Presbyterian Church sits in the Azalea District halfway between the house and the studio.  Redtail Hawks have taken to sitting on the cross that crowns the steeple and taking a break for preening and (I guess) street scanning.  They have nested in town the last few years and raised several chicks.  I think this is an adult on the left and a juvenile on the right.
  When I was a kid you would never see a crow or buzzard in the airspace over town, much less have nesting Redtails.   The crows figured it out 10 years ago and now walk about like vagrants.  I saw a Black Vulture eating a mashed-out squirrel on an Azalea District brick street last month.  It's a good thing, I guess, but I sure miss the 10 year old boys with BB guns that used to patrol the neighborhoods and supress this kind of activity.

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