Thursday, July 31, 2008

Long Day on Viale Range

Team Day during CMP week. (Civilian Marksmanship Program) Six-man State and club teams shooting a 50-shot no-sighter match. 10 offhand, standing at 200, 200 sitting rapid fire, 300 yard prone rapid fire and 600 yard slow fire prone. All with those evil black rifles.
The Texas State Rifle Association had two teams, one entered and one out-of-competition team. The gold team shot well standing at 200, averaging 95 (out of 100). We were third going to the 600 yard line, but didn't shoot well there.
Wonderful weather and a very clear and scenic day on the range. The CMP is flying a barrage balloon next door and we would look at it, the flag on the beach of Lake Erie, the range flags and the mirage. I pair-fired with Justin Utley. Steady guy. We came out about where we usually come out. 5th civilian team overall.
Tonight was the dinner that Charlie Wallis hosts for Texas shooters at Mon Ami restaurant in Port Clinton, Ohio. Probably 70 Texans, heavily-armed and far from home, showed up to eat. It's really interesting to see all the faces, meet and compare notes and hear all the stories.
I'd hate to pay the ticket, especially with the juniors loading up on appetizers. I tried the drunken clams, who turned out not to be drunk, but dead. Steamed to death apparantly. Not bad.
I had the new junior shooters come forward and take the Camp Perry oath, (made up on the spot) with one hand on TSRA coach Dick Curry's head.
No pen day. We shot and went back to the fish camp to clean up and get ready for Mon Ami.
Tomorrow we get to play Infantry Trophy. Third relay. Six shooters firing at eight silhouettes at 600, 500, and 300 yards with 50-second target exposure. 384 rounds per team. Much fun.

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