Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camp Perry

Arrived and posting from Commercial Row on the Springfield Armory computer. Very glad to have lived another year and be at the Nationals! Long drive across the country reading all the newspapers. As I noticed last year, lots of griping and news about the government. Not enough money, not enough police, not enough services. Obama will fix it all. Probably.
But meanwhile, the sun is shining, the Kid has just about spent all his money and I drew good ranges and firing positions for the week. Everything ready to go.

It's like Christmas that lasts all week.

UPDATE: It's all a great deal but my credit card was screaming.  Varget is up 20 bucks a jug, Sierra Matchkings have gone out of sight, plus I'm picking up pasters, bricks of Wolf Match Target.  Gets expensive avoiding those useless hazmat charges and shipping.  

  Prices here about as good as they ever get.

  Sixteen team folks here from Texas plus a lot of other stray Texans wandering around.  Great bunch of people, hardly a knothead in the bunch.  Several new people which makes things fun to show them around.  Weather forcast good.

  Stole the first CMP pen I came across at in-processing.   They issued HXP 30-06 for the Garand, Springfield and Vintage matches.  You got HXP even if you were shooting a Swiss K31.

  Tomorrow is squadded practice- ten rounds standing at 200, 10 sitting rapid and 10 at 600.  Voluntary.  I may make video instead.


Anonymous said...

Please keep up with the Perry commentary. I'm making notes for my attendance next year.

Wife is anticipating, too.

Lazarus Long

breda said...

I saw those computers at Springfield Armory. I was tempted to leave my blog up on the screen =)

Anonymous said...

Come on, come on. What is happening up there? Inquiring minds want to know. Are you shooting video? How is the other shooting going? The weather?