Sunday, May 31, 2009

100th Video, Biggest Highpower Matches.

  Biggest Highpower match in the country outside Camp Perry. 97 shooters.  Six LEGs given in the EIC match.  The Service Rifle Championship is as big.  The Midrange trophy match is almost as large.  The Panola County Gun Club NRA Regional at Carthage, Texas the first weekend of May maxes out at 64 every year with stand-bys.

  This is a big deal.  I think the success of the TSRA Highpower Rifle program can be laid at the feet of TSRA Match Directors Rick Crawford, Dave Wilson and Ken Gaby.  They do an incredible job of organizing the matches and representing the interests of shooters with the TSRA.  We get a lot of support because they fight for it.  Ken got quite a table full of door prizes this year from Shillen, Sierra, LaRue tactical and more.  I won five boxes of Sierra bullets (my choice) with free shipping in a drawing and that wasn't the biggest prize by far.

  Don't be a freeloader.  Support the Texas State Rifle Association!

  Hard to believe I have 100 videos up on the Blackfork6 Channel on Youtube.  The latest is a short piece about Mark Woodard finishing his Distinguished Rifleman's Badge at Camp Swift during the Texas State Rifle Association Highpower Rifle Championship.

  More movies than Cecil B. DeMille.  More gunfire than Quentin Tarantino.  Less dialog than Quest for Fire.

  The LEG match at the Panola NRA May Regional was rained out so TSRA Directors Ken Gaby and Rick Crawford rolled it over to the Sunday of the Championship.

  50 shots.  No sighters.

  Nice shooting and congrats to Mark Woodard! 

Update:  Just added more video of the awards and scores to Mark's video.  

Update II"  Second day of Highpower Championship up.  Looks like I am past the significance of 100 videos and back in the work-a-day world.  101.  In a larger note I THINK I just learned how to put captions on movies.  There will be no end of trouble over this.

Squirrel and crow fest.

  Two types of Texas Squirrels.


  399 photos.  One rabbit.  One coon.  No deer.  If I was them I would be up the creek a bit in some thicker brush.  They have to cross a big spur to go upstream but I think there is good cover there.   Need to look at it on google earth.
  I think they will check by for the corn every time they go up or down, but they ought to be getting close to dropping the fawns.  That will keep them in thick cover for the month.
  I miss the beaver.  Not a trace since the trapper killed them off.  I guess he got them all.  They made for a dynamic creekbottom.
  Bought some corn from a different feedstore.  it's marked as deer and feeder corn, but is full of crushed kernels, like half steel cut corn.  The label says select whole corn, nice buck on the packaging.  Dang, folks.  I think I am going to call and complain to Country Acres Feed Company in Brentwood, Mo.  Their deercorn sucks.

Update:  Seems like the bobcat would be hunting this squirrel fest.

Update II: Google maps make this place look even better with the forked stream and the cover.  

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Team Day Video up.

  The Friday 4-Man Team video is up at the Blackfork6 Channel on Youtube.  Just the regular placking away with AR15s at 200, 300 and 600 yards.  From the TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship weekend at Camp Swift.

Update:  Day 1 of the two day TSRA Championship is up.  I'm thinking about changing my approach as these are all kind of looking the same.  Might try interview format next time with less shooting.  Or follow one person through a whole match.

Update II: The Texas Championships are some of the biggest matches in the United States outside Camp Perry.  I think the Confederate National Matches drew 57 folks this year.  The Panola County Gun Club Regional in May maxes out at range capacity: 64.   The TSRA Service Rifle Championship and the TSRA Highpower Championship are around 100.  Six legs given at the EIC match this year.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily Deercam at TMA Land

 Update:  I went back and added this frame.  Look at the long cut down the side of the deer in back.  Some big cat nearly got this deer.  NOT a Bobcat.

  Long body pregnant doe.  Probably ought to name them.

  You can barely see in this photo but the older of them (right doe) is marked up.  Big cat around somewhere.  Look at the slice across her upper front right leg.  There is a long slice down her right side.  They look very alert in several frames.

  Younger doe up front.  Older in the back.

  Hard to tell apart except the older deer is slightly smaller and has darker head markings.

  No deer at the lake, except as hoofprints, but the two does at the museum land in town seem to be hanging around.  Bound to see some fawns in a bit.

  Had a Bobcat cross the road in front of me coming out.  Nice to see them with my own eyes.  The creek at the cam was full of hoofprints.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Deercam

  Daytime coon.  Never a good sign.  We've zapped two distempered raccoons out of here.  This is a good reason to carry a suppressed 10/22.

  Mature pregnant does.


  I may not be the most organized guy in the explored universe, but I try to drive all the cats into the same basket.  I made a cam sweep at the TMA land and got home with an empty pocket.  540 files on the card....but no card.  That kind of stuff makes me.....unhappy.  Upsets the balance between my Ka and my Ba.
  This morning I drove back out and saw the card on the edge of the trail from the drivers seat.  Glad to get it back.  Survived a little shower as well.
  Two big pregnant does on cam.  A daytime coon.  The rest was the usual crow/jay/cardinal/squirrel mob.  Glad to see all diners.

Update:  Cam sweep at the lake.  Overweight crows and some big-butted squirrels.  Scattered deer tracks here and there.  Lots of mosquitos and Poison Ivy.  The Great Blue Heron rookery is going nuts with noise, though I passed on walking up on the ridge for a closer look.  The young tend to panic and start expelling squirts of noxious acid-frog-fish big bird poop on anything strolling along under the nests.  Pardon me for being graphic, but you don't wanna go up there.

No I.D.

  Texas Legislature passed one of the last milemarkers last night stuck over the issue of voters having to show some kind of State ID to vote.  The Democrats say this oppresses poor people.  The Repubs think it makes sense.  The clock is going to run out on the session and some good bills, including the TSRA agenda, are going to die because they are behind the ID bill on the calendar.

  If I don't have to show ID to vote, then I don't want to show it anywhere else either.  If the state is OK with casting a ballot without some kind of security, then screw this other bank, airplane, drivers license nonsense.  

  Update:  I bought a firearm the other day, you wouldn't believe the ID I had to show and the paperwork I had to fill out.  There is a big Texas advertising campaign going on right this minute threatening clerks who sell smokes with a 500.00 fine if they don't ask for ID over a CIGARETTE.  They swipe your DL when you go into the dancehall bar here in town!
  I'm with the democrats on this one:  if you don't have to show ID to vote then let's drop it for other activities by the citizenry!  It's raaaaaaaccccist!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You can't fix stupid.

  I read the Dallas Morning News often.  It's kind of like dropping by the tarpit to take a look at the last Mastadon before it goes under.  They may be stinky, hairy, smelly, excrement-producing machines but I'm going to kind of miss 'em when they are gone.

  Today's hysteria by Dayton Daily News Mike Peters is a prime example of why I have mixed feelings.  He's a Pulitzer Prize winning political columnist, (which tells you more about the Pulitzer than Peters at this point) and today he is commenting on guns in the National Parks. 

  In liberal America, when you restore the right of self defense to folks, the blood ALWAYS runs, the bullets ALWAYS fly and it's ALWAYS a return to the Wild, Wild West.   Or vigilantism.  Maybe racism if you can find too much or not enough melanin.

  Never mind that the only places where blood runs and bullets fly are gun-free utopias like DC, LA and Chicago.   Never mind that some reasonably decent Democrats, (Ann Richards), who bought this bunk were exiled to the wastelands over unclear thinking.  Never mind that nobody can point to one instance of gun laws reducing violence can be found.  Instead, let's just be hysterical, shall we?

  Thanks Mike Peters of the Dayton Daily News.  Here's your sign.

Monday, May 25, 2009

TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship

  Six and a half feet of TSRA Junior vet Travis Rogers.  He and his brother Clayton both shot.

  Former Marine Michelle Boyd and her three sons.  Two of them are at Sam Houston State University.

  Gregg Foster and daughter Kayte Foster.  They shot 466 in the EIC/LEG match missing the cut by a point.  Randy Nash and Jon Rhynard on the side.

  TRSA Junior Team.

  Kayte Foster, Senior and veteran TSRA National Match Team member from Lufkin.
  My rifle shot much better at 600 with a 1/7 twist new Douglas stainless barrel.  I didn't shoot particularly well, 12th both days overall.  Only about ten folks are capable of winning and I wasn't competitive in that group.  Still much fun and learned new things.

  Many TSRA Juniors in the 97 competitors at this match.  Makes it fun.   

Update:  Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.  97 heavily armed Texans on a hot range for three days.  Children with assault rifles.  Mucho ammo.  Zero incidents, accidents, fatalities, et.

TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship

  Keith Stephens, 2009 TSRA Highpower Rifle Champion.

  Keith Stephens won the Championship with a great weekend of shooting.  He led by a lot after day one and a lot more after day two.  Keith is a solid stand-up guy, a National Match TSRA member, Distinguished Rifle, High Master classified shooter.  Just the kind of guy you would want to win the Ike Lee Trophy.  He shot his AR15 against all other rifles, including some very capable match rifles.

  97 competitors and I think it is safe to say that everyone was very happy for someone like Keith to win the TSRA Championship.

  Congrats and nice shooting!  

Happy Memorial Day

  Front gate at Camp Swift, Texas.

  Best wishes and thanks to all the fallen veterans.  This morning at coffee, veteran of WWII and Korea A.C. Gentry talked a little about escorting remains home between the wars and what folks gave up.    The Dallas Morning News has a front page article today about a family who has just been notified that their son, killed on the Oklahoma, may have been found after 68 years.  My brother was killed at Bon Son in May 1968.

  It's hard to comprehend what it costs a family when they lose a member in service to the government.  Those sacrifices are generally NOT made to enable a bureacracy, establish the TSA, support a police state or grow the federal or state budgets.

  Just saying.  Thanks again to all veterans who have made the ultimate commitment to defend the country.


  Phlemmy had snake problems with the dogs.  Breda had snake problems with her bikini.  I came home and we had a recently deceased king snake in the yard.  Heres a set of videos on how to handle snakebite and poisonons snakes from a woman on Expert Village.

  Just a note of caution:  snakes are people too, just scaly ones with no legs who might bite and kill your children or pets.  Usually not a big deal to get excited about.  Don't panic.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Assault Rifle Happiness

 My highly dangerous, scary, useless, nonsporting, ought-to-be-criminal Betsy got her new barrel, a 1/7 twist Douglas yesterday.  She's got a rough 100 yard zero.  Going to the Texas State Rifle Association Highpower Rifle Championship tomorrow.   Three days of shooting with an Evil Black Rifle and those scary high capacity cop-killing 20-round magazines.   There are 83 entries right now so there will be an militia worth of terrorist weapons who should only be in the hands of police and military.  That's a lot of folks using these firearms as a substitute for their rama-lama ding dongs.  It's just sad, really. 

  I'll try to keep her from committing any crimes but you know how these unregulated military machine guns are, especially when they are in the hands of civilians.

  Pray for us, especially the children.

Update:  Gone to shoot.  4-man team day on Friday followed by the Regional match 80 round on Saturday and a LEG match on Sunday.  Saturday and Sunday combined score for the championship.

Monday, May 18, 2009

We hardly knew ye.

  The neighborhood is full of cats and dogs, traffic, big owls, hawks, little hawks, raccoons, possums.  Sasquatch probably.  Still its a shock to see scattered feathers on the lawn, most just emerging from the quills.  The parents and sibling are in the backyard wilderness yet.  No wonder they seem upset.
  I think it was the older owlette.  Sorry to see him pass.

Owl Camming.

  Sleeping Baby.

  One of the baby owls is asleep in the cherry laurel next to the staircase.  The cat went outside and the adults came over to scold her.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Deer Cams

  Young buck with Bigfoot in the background.  Told ya.


  Deer and coon faceoff in the dark.

  Happy Crow eating free corn.

  Made a cam sweep today at the lake.  Getting leafy out there in the jungle.  The Blue Heron rookery is rocking with clattering youngsters.  Not much sign can be seen in the thick growth.

Sunday paper: Three Bucks

  On Sunday mornings the redhead and I go and split an omlet and a waffle at Cafe Tazza.  We sit in the corner and sip coffee and watch the crowd.  Usually I buy a paper on the way down.  Today the price was 3.00, up from 2.00 last week.

  It's the end of newspapers.  The more they cost the less people buy.  The less people buy the more they cost.  I'm sure they still aren't making a profit even at three bucks.  

  It was pretty long as you had already read the news and could see the parts they edited out or didn't bother to tell.  If it was your only news source you would be screwed.  Bonnie and Clyde were above the fold on the front page.  Below the fold a big story on national health care, so broadly written, (they compared us to France), and so carefully exampled (one black couple, one hispanic, one woman, one gay, like a diversity mod squad) that it gave the semblance of real reportage.  Nothing about the constitutional limits of such an idea.  Not much about the disaster of having the government run more of the citizens, (ok: consumers) personal lives.  Just the usual lines of bovine by-products and the implied assumptions.

  Three bucks.  Gone in a year.  We can tell our grandchildren how it was in 2009 when 1984 came late.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Betsy getting rebarreled.

  The TSRA Ike Lee Trophy.

  Took Betsy over for her fourth barrel today.  Might have her back by the middle of the week in time for the Texas Highpower Championship weekend at Camp Swift next weekend.

  Good excuse to post myself and Betsy when I won the Highpower Championship in 2007.

Second Flea of the year.

  Dead, of course.  I killed him.  Combed a softball sized furball out of this little cat in the last week.  Hard to see how there is ever much cat left.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jesus Wept

  You want these same folks in charge of your healthcare....or anything?

  When a TSA agent makes Breda angel....loses his wings.  And buys an assault rifle. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hooter Blogging

The little owls in the tree outside, just a few minutes ago.  Both parents near.  Feeding time just getting rolling.

Update: Catfish says I will get more hits by relabeling this post as fresh, young, fuzzy hooters.

Update II: Saw one adult the next day, but the youngsters moved and haven't been seen.

Cat Cam


 9:00pm, just after dark.

  Gotta be a resident.

  Off the TMA land last night.  Young Bobcat hunting mice around the corn pile.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home on the Range.

 Kyle and I finally got to the range to work on his technique and over-all shooting today.  Got to spread the suppressor love to some guys who's .22 scope had just backed out of its mounting grooves.   Cost me 200 rounds of Wolf Match target but they were shooting a four inch group at 100 with my very quiet 10/22 in no time.  Worth every cartridge.   Suppressors make everyone smile.  They ought to cost 30 bucks and be in blister packs at Walmart.  Fun shooting off the bench at 100 with various AR, 22, dot sight combos.  Sorted out which barrel to change on the match ARs and worked the play AR with suppression and subsonics a bit.  Even shot .22 at 200.  Kyle shot his AR10 shorty.  Loud.

  Just a note: hold 40 inches over your Wolf Match 100 yard zero for .22 at 200 yards.  15 inches below your match .223 ammo holes is the impact point for suppressed/subsonic 77 grain Sierras (driven by 4.1 grains of titegroup pistol powder with a CCI 450 magnum primer) at 100 yards.

  I knew you needed to know.

  Finished up shooting 100 yards at full-sized silhouette with Kyle's Glock 21.  If you aren't practiced up to shoot zombies one-handed at 100 with a plastic .45....well...what are you waiting for?  Cheap ammo?

Owls in the Yard.

  Adult with two youngsters in the background.

  Wet young owls.

  One of last years owls.  They are about this age now.

 The downstairs neighbor spotted a strange fluttering movement at dusk this evening as she and the redhead waited on me to get in from the range.  Turns out it was a young fuzzy screetch owl clawing and flapping his way back up a treetrunk where his parents and sibling were waiting. 

  We've been looking for the owls.  Owl poop along the back hedge, owl poop here, there and everywhere, but no owls.  Finally, there they all were, nearly grown up.  I got a ladder to assist but I wasn't needed.  Neighbors gathered and watched.  I got the flashlight.  The adults were flying around and perching over our heads.   Two youngsters.  I just checked as we came in from dinner and they are safely tucked away in the front oak.  Very nice.

  This is a pretty successful pair of Screetch Owls.  I think they are four out of six over the last three years on raising young, grounding and cats accounting for the two fatalities.

Update:  Big rainstorm in the predawn.   Once you get baby owls, you start worrying.

Eagle linking.

  The Sutton Camera is on again and I added a new blog on the blogroll: Aquiling.

  Lotta big raptors here in cyberspace.  Aquiling even has eagles hunting deer.  Sadly, the eagles don't have guns, but they make do with what God gave them.  Pretty impressive.  Just the same, I'd like to see some eagle-mounted guns.

  I don't know what "Aquiling" means.  On the blog is some eagled-up woman.  Maybe it's her, maybe its just a word she found somewhere, like the words that are generated as security codes to defeat webots when you make a comment on most blogs.  Like "barfut, enogise, croggea, flumlt, or qoplixaa.  Anyway, she is traveling the world on some kind of open-ended eagle hunting license, hanging with traditional cultures and racking up the small game.  Nice work if you can get it.
  She's from Oklahoma, so...go figure.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

99% of Everything is Stupid

  A scourge of drugz!

  The Feds say that Cheerios claim to reduce cholesterol 10% makes those little round Os of oats a DRUG.   And they say General Mills must apply for a permit to sell this drug.

  First of all, is General Mills a REAL General...or what?  IF General Mills is a General, then he ought to order the FDA lined up and shot.

  Secondly, this surprises conservative types not a bit.  When you make a system this complex, with all kinds of bureacrats and regulatory agencies full of enforcement power, you get things like 11 Texas felonies involving oysters, polar bear habitat regulating Mexican power plants, et.

  I hope General Mills orders his troops into battle formation.

Update:  Yes, that's my big double box of Cheerios.  I've even got the Redhead hooked on them.

Monday, May 11, 2009

80 grain Sierras at 200 yards.

 A three inch group with R11 and a four inch group with Betsy.  The target is a 25 yard pistol bulls-eye.

  Just an excuse to post a photo.  Two groups with two different rifles, both shot out of a rifle rest at 200 yards with a Leupold 16X target scope.  I didn't try to put the groups in the middle, just tried to keep them on the paper.  I held inside the 1 1/2 inch X ring at 200 without any problem.  I estimate holding a 3/4 inch group at 200 yards which would be 3/8 MOA. (Minute of Angle)  I don't hold this well with iron sights, my own eyes and a sling.

  The hold and trigger break were very good on each shot.

  A three inch group at 200 will be a six inch group at 400 and about a eight inch group at 600- minimum.  Environmental effects will factor in to open it up.  The bullet slowing down will open it up.  Any little variance in bullet weight, powder load, case capacity, et, et will open it up.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

 Sutton Eagle Cam is back on.  Chick is getting big and dark-feathered.  Nearly as big as the adults.  Still one rotten egg on the nest.

Daily Deercam

  Coyotes crossing the motion cam and going up the creek.

  After Mother's Day lunch I dropped by the TMA woods.  I haven't seen the Moccasine since he shed his skin but the pool near his root ball had a Southern Snapper submerged at the entrance.  Not a trace of a beaver so the water is low and as clear as I have ever seen it.

  I set my watch.  He didn't take a breath for 32 minutes at least, probably because he spotted me at the same time I spotted him.  Hard for a hot-blooded simian to outwait a 100 million year old reptile design.  And I didn't start today.  

  Rabbit, hawk, little fish.  Blooming yucca on the pad pushed up long ago along the frontage road for a building site that never got used.  I walked down to the beaver dam site and it's now a very solid sandbar that backs up a big pool, but that's it.  

White Deer

  White deer in Wisconsin.  I've got the Paul Caponigro photo Running White Deer upstairs that I have had for 20 years or more.  I think that photo was made in Ireland in 1967.  Never seen a white deer in East Texas. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Midway = Christmas

  Midway see-through, extended, Weaver mount, all-aluminum rail on the AR with my Leupold 16X Target scope.  Is this cool, fast and cheap...or what?  Equally cool and borrowed, though not as precise, scope and mount on top.  

  All over the country, thousands of times a day.  Some folks may fret or worry over it, but for me and others it's just like a mysterious bearded man in red bringing you what you WANT. 

 Like magic.  Like fairies.  (I guess..)  From a mysterious workshop far to the North.....wonderful gifts.

  In the mailbox today, early, (like all real gifts), for 13.00 including shipping AND an NRA round-up to support the gun-terror that grips this nation:  a Weaver rail adaptor for the carry handle on my AR.  Kind of makes a chin-gun out of the AR but I can overcome with a little bench technique.  This is just to check group size, not a permanent mount.

  I'm going to take both ARs out and shoot 80 grain Sierras at 500 yards with a this scope and a dead-calm day.  See what the group size looks like.

  Cheap as heck from Old Saint Mid, or borrowed from a friend for free.  I love Texas.

  Gosh, suppose the government, who hates gun stuff and capitalism....worked HALF as well as would be a wonderful-er world!

Update:  No shooting today though it would be perfect.  Crawfish Boil and voting instead.  Pulled the brass from yesterday out of the tumbler.  Sure have some flat primers on the 80 grain cases....

Update II: Thi is a six inch Leapers.  6.49.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rifle Testing

  Borrowed scope on the AR to check group size.  Shot pretty well but not a very clear scope.

  Leupold 16X on the match rifle to check group size.  Scope has focus so you can set it clearly.

  A windy warm day today.  84.  Feels like summer and the 20-30mph wind out of the SSW has whipped up a haze.  Awful.  
  I put a Leupold 16X target scope on my match rifle and a mounted a borrowed  fairly cheap scope on one of my ARs and went to the range to shoot off the bench.
  The match rifle shoots OK and that scope is preferable to the one on the AR.  The Leupold 16X is a real target scope.  80s shot 1 1/2 inch group at 100 yards.  69 Sierras opened up a little at 200 yards in a swirling wind.
  I need a dead calm day.  When my scope base comes in I'll reshoot the ARs with the Leupold.   Can't really trust this scope enough to get perfect data.
  Hogs rooting up the lawn of the 100 yard range.  I'd pour out corn and deploy about six leg-hold traps on chains.  Hope they have a plan.
  Brass is tumbling.  I wish I had thought of this before.  With a little help and a radio I can shoot at 500 with 80 grain Sierras, which ought to solve any mysteries.

Tracking Madly

  Michael Yon is still at the tracking school in Borneo.  Pretty useful and interesting stuff, especially the team tracking and urban tracking.
  I have several areas that Yon refers to as "track traps".  You can always see who is around by checking them.  One hunting area I used to have access to had a wide clay pad where an oil derrick had drilled.  I checked it every morning and evening coming and going from the blind.  When it rained it would dissolve and reset and you could start timing tracks from a known hour and day.

Smith County: Crime Capitol of Texas

 Looks like we lock up 4.22 per 1000, one of the highest in Texas.  Maybe I need to carry TWO bad guns instead of one.  I had no idea I lived among such a criminal class!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sack of brass.

 258 cases of brass on the wall.  This is the fifth reload for most of these cases.

  Even with two events cancelled by rain this last weekend, I've got a big sack of .223 brass that just came out of the tumbler.  Took three sessions.  I must have picked up some extra brass.  I shot 36 in the team match, 68 in Infantry Trophy and 88 on Saturday.  I'm going to sit down and count the cases in this gallon ziplock.  Shouldn't have more than 192 pieces.  

  Sure was fun shooting it, even badly.

  Ordered a carry handle six-inch scope rail for my ARs from Midway.  They have quite a selection, though reading the comments warns you off several.  I'm not going to use it for a permanent mount, just to have the capacity to put a scope on an AR to check group size at the local range.  I wasn't happy with the 600 yard ammo once again.  I ruined some OK scores with bad long range shooting.

Update:  The actual count is 258.  Someone is short some brass.  All cleaned and sized now.  I guess I am officially a brass hog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


  Mary Burton in April, 2006.

  Still a hole, and will be for a while, across the street where Mary Burton lived.  Very odd to look across to an empty house.  She was my neighbor for 30 years.

  Here's a typical Mary story:  Tyler is widely recognized as paradise.  Who lives in Paradise?   God.  If God lives in Tyler, then he lives in the Azalea District, the old red-brick street area.  IF God lives in Tyler in the Azalea District then he lives on the oldest part of it: Lindsey Lane.  If God lives on Lindsey Lane....then who is it? And isn't it a little like God to be not a man, but a woman...just to be contrary, the way God is known to be?   This made for a short list with Mary at the top.
  When asked directly if she was God, Mary would reply: "What do you think?"  When you sat back and thought it was obvious that Mary, in fact, WAS God.

The Fleas come back to Lindsey Lane.

  We have a little grey persian who is the best cat, (of some pretty good cats) that I have ever lived with.  I comb her several times a day when she jumps in my lap at the computer.  I use a comb with wire metal teeth, close set, that combs out dirt, hair and even fleas.  In the height of the flea season I can kill ten a day off her head and neck.  It's very satisfying and keeps them from ever getting a foothold.  
  The local numerous squirrel population is the source.  She's an inside-outside cat.
  By the first of the year I usually have the fleas totally wiped out, and as none are breeding outside, she gets a few months of flea-free life.  The last flea came off in late February.
  I keep combing through the non-flea months.  She likes it and it cuts down on the shed hair.  I've combed off enough fur to stuff a sofa off this little eight pound cat.
  Yesterday I killed the first flea of the year with the comb.  It's the Spring Fleaquinox!
  I don't know what you do to celebrate the Fleaquinox.  Just hunting and killing fleas is fun enough.

Update: So far just the one.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Panola Regional and Sunday rain-out.

  Kayte Foster pulling targets.

  200 yardline during sitting rapid.  Four relays so this is a quarter of the participants.

  The 200 yardline during the first relay of the Panola NRA Regional Match.

  Overhead view.

  L-R Medalists Michael Carter (Gold, 778X32), John Rhynard, (Bronze), and Keith Stephens, (Silver, 778X28).

  Team Day on Friday had nine four-man teams.  Saturday could have squeezed in one more shooter when someone didn't show.  Panola was close to range capacity. with four relays on 16 targets.  63 shooters.  

  Sunday the rain moved in during the early morning hours and made range conditions impossible.  The EIC/LEG match was rescheduled for Sunday during the TSRA High Power Championship at Camp Swift in three weeks.  The Pistol LEG was cancelled.

  Working on videos.

Update:  Videos up!  Team day and the Saturday  NRA are online on the Blackfork6 Channel.