Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wood Stocked Rifles

I'm not even pulling it out of the case but the next step at Camp Perry involves lots of old rifles with woodens stocks. I love my AR and can't be without it, (Obama and others, please note) Tomorrow afternoon we shoot the Springfield Match, 30 rounds at 200 yards with 5 sighting shots. 10 prone slow fire, 10 prone rapid fire and 10 standing. Last year I was 12th out of a thousand folks. Hope to shoot well this year.
Crawford was second place.
After that we shoot Garand, Vintage with the K31 and then an M1A Match. Did well in all of them last year and hope for more this go round.
Most of the field are folks who love to shoot but aren't particularly competitive. This still doesn't quench their happiness at being on a firing line with a REAL RIFLE. Some classics, some very beautifully maintained on the range. I'm looking forward to being in the crowd.


Unknown said...

You go boy!!!
You can do it.

Robert Langham said...

This is how a former Marine DI encourages folks with rifles? I thought there would be a beating involved.