Sunday, July 27, 2008

Operation: Steal CMP Pens.

Forget the shooting, the travel or the incessant Garand fondling, the real reason to come to the National Matches is to steal ballpoint pens from the Civilian Marksmanship Program.
Of course, they are willing accomplises- they GIVE you a pen or two, but I'm talking bulk thefts- pens in the double and triple digits. I was worried when we came out through the CMP North store metal detector NOT because I thought Utley might have an 03 down his jeans, but because I was afraid the nine or ten pens I had in my underwear might set of the alarm and get me dragged down by those blue shirted overweight guys who sell rifles up here.

Made it.

Note to self and anyone: NEVER, repeat, NEVER go to the squadded practice. They have been out there four hours now shooting 30 rounds and the remnants are beginning to straggle back to the 600 yard line on Rodreigez Range. It looks like the vestiges of Picketts charge coming back to the treeline after the yankees shot them to shit at Gettysburg. Few survivors, and the ones who made it aren't all that happy.

Off to Rock River. They have nice unwatched pens on all the counters up there as well.
From Commercial Row, Springfield Armory.
Presidents 100 starts tomorrow.
Update: Presidents 100, Next Year! Sucked!
Update: Compensating by stealing more pens! It's an Ohio Pen Spree!


breda said...

Did you see us?

Anonymous said...

You know some people just find those CMP Pens lying around on the ground where matches are held. Really enjoying the blog, keep it up.

Robert Langham said...

NO! Misse dyou but gald you came. It's like those Medieval faieres but with less bodice-ripping!

Dan Feldbusch said...
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