Saturday, July 19, 2008


  This is what practice looked like at about 10:00 at the Panola County Gun Club.  I'm at the 300 yard line to shoot prone rapids.  You can see the target numbers behind the berm in the distance.
  The mat rolls up, the scope legs fold and everything, including cased rifle, goes on the cart so you can roll down the range or to the next yardline.  At Perry, Viale Range is 1000 yards long, so it's an 800 yard roll from the parking lot to the 200 yard line where you start.
  I shot 600 Bullseye target with one rifle, (Betsy)  Infantry Trophy (at 600) with the other, walked down and shot IT at 500, then 300 to shoot some bullseye groups, (back to Betsy), finished at 200 shooting Ricks Garand which will hold the 10-ring.  (we are going to ask to be squadded on the same firing point)  In between I took turns pulling targets.
  Clean up the rifles, shoot a little practice this week.  The team list is out, rides assigned.  Just about ready to go to CAMP PERRY! 


Unknown said...

Does Panola have any kind of smallbore events? And, have you been down to Angelina at all?

Robert Langham said...

Panola shoots a lot of 4-H smallbore and i think a silhouette range is going up. Longview has a nice smallbore program going, but they don't shoot when it's too hot!

Unknown said...

Silhouette is what I am looking for. My daughter and I shoot the .22LR Benchrest at Angelina.