Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hearst Doubles with Justin Utley.

Not much talking but lots of shooting and watching the wind. I didn't shoot very well but Utley shot up a storm- 295 out of 300, and we finished the same place as last year: 10th overall. I shot a 281. Probably a couple hundred teams.
It was the first time we have gotten rained on, which is a Camp Perry tradition. Just spit this time, though I've evacuated the range soaking wet under a thunderstorm in previous years.
The Juniors shot the Whistler Boy Match today on Rodreigez while we were shooting Hearst on Viale. Girl teams have won the Whistler Boy the last couple years and taken to calling it the Whister Girl. There is a skirt on the trophy at present. Not kidding.
Big crowd on Commercial Row as the Garand and Vintage Rifle folks show up for those matches. State Teams tomorrow and Infantry Trophy on Friday. Lotta shooting to go.
Hearst was 30 rounds, 10 standing, 10 at 300 yards, rapid fire and 10 slow fire at 600. Utley has refined taciturn to an art. Nice to be around a real Texan. 295 is pretty dadgum good shooting. His group at 300 prone rapid was about three inches in diameter. I was coaching and kept my mouth shut.
Rock River quit leaving pens out on the table. Conspiracy.

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