Saturday, November 30, 2013

Daily Deercam, November 30th.

Katie, Lucy and I took a little walk yesterday afternoon and put corn out.  Last night it got eaten.

Big boar in the bottom.  Pretty salty looking.

He has hairy ears.

Two does and a nubbin buck behind the house.

Followed by...

A different hog.  

...who showed then up on the other cam after the hairy-eared monster had left.  

  Sat out this evening.  Nothing stirring.  Re-corned.  May give it a shake in the morning.  Weather pretty temperate, in the 50s.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dead Moultrie Cam and a kicked over deer.

Nothing new about lousy dying Moultries but something knocked down the deer decoy and then dug up the ground next to it.  Could have been any little deer- even a doe.  I think they may have peed on the decoy as well.

Dug out area with the deepest point right at the nose of the fallen decoy.

It ain't easy being a decoy!

Left it up and out.  The wind could have blown it down.  Wasn't damaged but someone made quite a display.  Dig out full of deer tracks.  Moultrie took three photos of me when I walked up but nothing over the two days previous.  Then it died.  Batteries usually last a month so it isn't that.  One-year-old cam.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Daily Deercam

Cams both running and repositioned to shoot a little lower.  Nothing much on them but does and raccoons, rabbits and coyotes.  I chipped a point off my rattling horns beating them together.  No results yet.  Deployed my styrofoam deer.  Still don't have my trail sorted out across the long section of woods through the fallen pines I call the Pixie Sticks.  Seems like you get a fresh treetop down every month in there.

Co-existence in the deep brush.

Rabbit hopping around.

Resident Coyote.

Little wandering buck.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Daily Deercam

Pretty exciting times!  No hogs but deer and SWAT folks.  One of the neighbors had a handyman working who turned out to be wanted by the police.  They came out and he ran into the bottom.  They brought dogs and people.  Unknown how it turned out but he ran on a bad weather day.  Bottom tough.



Sheriffs deputy and dogs.

I adjusted both cameras down.  The other cam had a deer and some coons on it, but doesn't seem to be as sensitive as this one.  That's the way it goes with cams.

Little buck.  A year and a half old.  Grew his first horns.

Nicer deer but not a shooter for me.  Hope he makes it through the season.  Was in my tree this morning and heard the powerline guys shoot two different times.  Could be misses or pigs.  Or someone like this.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cams and corn piles running.

Little stripey pigs on the cam behind the house and LOTS of pig sign.  Ought to be able to shoot one back there, if I so chose.  A dead one was laying in the trail over the indian village when I went in to sit for a little bit this morning.  Buzzards starting to swoop over.   Deer had been all over the corn on the other cam.  Pretty sporty trails still.  Need some marking tape.  All well in the tree seat.

We certainly have the pigs.  Didn't take long.

Two does and a little nubbin buck.

Behind the house.  There was a shot of a nursing yearling and doe....

.....and lots of pigs.  Eight of the little ones in one shot.  I need to lower the angle on both cams.

Nice little eight point.  Not shootable for me but glad to see him.

Everything reset and re-corned.  I put the old bottle back next to the base of the tree.  We'll see what happens next!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Does of March.

  I haven't pulled a card or checked a camera in over seven months.  I like a trail that isn't obvious to the inexperienced but can be walked down without ducking.  My old trails are blocked and grown up.  Beaver have put in dams every 200 yards on the creek  Pigs are taking over.

I don't know why I think this kind of thing is funny, but I do.

Three does, all marked up.

Maybe this is why.

Resident coyote.  My bottle is missing.

This deer seems to be foaming at the mouth with a wet neck.  Never seen this before.  March.

Lotta aiming black on a hog this size.


The Three Graces again.

Resident Coyote.

Daylight deer.  They have to be somewhere.


Little buck that has just dropped his antlers.

Have to be a pretty big deer to get me to shoot at it these days.  Nothing on cam to indicate one around but now they are up and running again.  We'll see.

  Guys behind us stole a brand-new cam early in the season last year.  These cams were up all summer with dead batteries.  Seem to be have come back to life.  If I can work out new crossing places for the beaver-flooded creek I will keep these going while the weather is cold.  One close to the house and one way out.  Going to toss all the ones that are blinky.  No sign that anyone else is around in the bottom other than the feeder that runs near the lake.  It was solid with tiny just-born pig prints.