Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weighing triggers

Everyone squared away in the Mar-Lu resort. Rick checked all the triggers that anyone would bring by. We'll get them officially weighed tomorrow and marked by the CMP.

Commercial Row: The Man-Haul commences.

Schultz and a smiling woman at Fin and Feather.

The Man-Haul commences.

Tony Miller loads up.

Alan Wilson in a competitive shooting Cargo Cult.

The long walk down Commercial Row.

Rolled into Perry and got the paperwork out of the way. Then over to commercial row where we ran about 100 dollars a minute for a bit.

Karl Says: Pay it forward!

Air Force Museum at Dayton, Ohio.

German Storch observation and staff plane.

P38 Lightning.

P51 Mustang.

FW 190 German Fighter.

The Bomber that ended the war saving millions of Japanese and thousands of American lives.

We took a mental break from traveling to Camp Perry and stopped for a couple of hours to tour the Air Force Museum at Wright-Pattman Airfield, Dayton, Ohio. Great museum with the history of flight from Wright gliders to the Stealth Bomber. I shot just a few photos in the WWII wing, though all the wings were really incredible to see.


Been getting a Gore-chapping 13 mph pulling the trailer through the hills, 14 mph on the flats. There is enough ammo and rifles in there to break the siege of the Alamo, so its a load. Backed up the trailer doors to another truck last night for extra security. I have seven rifles with me with a couple already there that are coming home. NM AR15, Infantry Trophy AR15, Garand, Springfield 1903, Swiss K31 for the Vintage and a Match Rifle AR for the NRA Championships. Fondly remember the first time I came with one AR and a couple hundred rounds of ammo....ten years ago.

Dress has gotten a little more casual. Alan Wilson accused me of having my Dad's shirt on- a Patagonia short-sleeved that Katie bought me in Austin. The label says its hemp, though as far as I can tell its recycled grocery bags or something. I wish I had a couple of my Dad's shirts. I'd wear 'em.

Watching Jeff Lin, the cardiac surgeon botch extracting a waffle from the waffle iron. I don't think the patient is going to make it. Travel is tough.

Karl Says: Fine Dining!

Friday, July 30, 2010

They might be Rednecks.

Heavily armed diversity: We have Louisianan Tommy with us.

He might be a Redneck: Clay with six, seven, eight or ten rifles in the hotel.

Don't try this at home. Crossing the Mississippi in the rain. Worth at least one verse in a C/W song.

Rick driving and driving and driving. 800+ miles on this first day.

Traffic on the bridge between Missouri and Tennessee.

Sitting in the cab of Rick's truck crossing the Mississippi at 70 mph. The Texas team just upheld the tradition of never eating a good meal in Arkansas, turned north to cross the bootheel of Missouri, ('s a bootheel) and headed for the land of Davy Crockett. We aren't stopping today at Dixie Gun Works, but there it is just as we jog North to the Purchase Parkway.
Nice to travel the continent, especially when Rick insists on driving the whole way. I just navigate, talk on the radio a little and catnap. Where's my drink?

Night-time in LaQuinta land in Louisville. Dayton Ohio tomorrow for the Air Force Museum. Texans scattered all over the interstate system heading North.

Karl says: get all your gear!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Perry Packing.

I'm sure I'm taking too much. Going to do laundry a couple of times. Lotta rifles and ammo. Washing the last go-round right now. Always an ordeal (travail), to go on a trip. Glad to get packed in Ricks truck and get the wheels rolling.

One of our best team shooters, Keith Stephens, can't go. Baby nearly here. Good for the baby but bad for team, Wish them the best.

Taking a MacBook to blog from. Ought to be more active this year with photos as well as daily posts, so start watching this space.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Robert VanGene

Tough 80 year old from last year at Camp Perry. Robert and I shared a firing point and a rifle during the M1A match. He loaned me his M1A when the one I borrowed wouldn't feed ammo. Hope he is back this year. He was from Minnesota or Michigan.

National Match Teams leaving Texas for Camp Perry.

Cat target on Commercial Row, Camp Perry.

Vans and trucks loaded with people and guns going North. Texas Juniors are nearly through Arkansas and the Sam Houston State ROTC is rolling out shortly. I've still got two practices and 200 rounds of ammo to make. Adults leaving Friday morning.

I'll be blogging all the way through with photos and videos uploaded on the new Macbook.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Shiprock Video

Video of me photographing at Shiprock on our recent vacation.

A.C. Gentry talks about Tyler in 1930

New VIDEO up of my neighbor and friend, Artist AC Gentry Jr. talking about the neighborhood in 1930.

Juniors leaving for Camp Perry.

Tomorrow the Juniors will roll off. Spent the morning with Andrew Trampus having him shoot sitting groups at 200 and then a little standing. He's home packing, or more likely: sleeping. He shot pretty well. Several 100s and 99s.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The West

Finally got the video to load. Cadillac Ranch, Shiprock, Canyon de Chelly, North Rim of the Grand Canyon. No Indian dogs were harmed in the making of this video.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dead Cow Cam

Big dogs. Targets on them.

Missing carcass.

Possum after bugs.

The only crow ever to show up on the Dead Cow Cam.

Still picking.

Out to check the cow cam and the whole carcass had been stripped of its hide and pulled off. I dragged it back. Only one leg still attached. Missing skull has got to be close somewhere. Hide is off to the side about 20 yards.

Daily Deercam

No fawn yet, but this is a May date.

Jumped a little buck in velvet and a fawn over on the Dead Cow Cam side.

Cam across the creek got submerged when the dam broke. Probably dead and ready to be buried. Nothing on the card. Dead Cow cam running still. A doe coming and going in the brush on the hillside.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July.

A sweet dog that doesn't want to bite, but will if pressed.

Beautiful summer day here in Tyler but I have a hard time forgetting that they are ALREADY treading on me. Happy 4th everyone!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dead Cow Cam

After the big rain.

Skinny mom Coyote.

Possum going in.

There's a target. Better not show himself during deer season. Lotta dogs dumped at the lake.

Doesn't look like enough to make soup to me but they are still picking.

Haven't been making many lake runs. Roads still cut because of the big rains and Smith County is punishing voters for budget protests by deciding not to maintain roads this year. Cound't get across the creek. Trail lost in several places by flooding due to the big rain and dam collapse. I'm sure it will sort out.
Fate of my deercam across the creek is unknown. Will be interesting to see.