Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Essence

 In Tyler, its officially summer the FIRST time I think about parking in the shade.  That was a while back now... May probably.
  Summer is here.  No doubt.  Tap water in the darkroom runs 96 degrees out of the cold side.
  Summer does have it's benefits: Free tomatoes.
  James at the lake has his garden in full production.  Tomatoes are flowing off the vines at a rate to make Henry Ford blink.  When I check deer cams I have strict instructions to pick up a bag of homegrown, free, perfect tomatoes.  (and I better check the cams RFN)
  I can follow simple instructions so we have been gleefully feasting on big, ripe, red, free tomatoes.  At 3:42 AM I missed the redhead and found her standing deshabille at the moonlit kitchen sink eating tomatoes.  I like them chilled and quartered, with salt.  She eats them room temp like an apple.
  Yesterdays iron skilleted ribeye was just an excuse to eat more tomatoes.  
  She did ask me if I thought James used pesticides on his garden.  Seriously.  Growing squash, okra, tomatoes and peas in the woods?  Does he use pesticides?  James?
  He probably burns trenches of kerosene around the plot at night to keep the bugs and critters out!  Might spray the rows with Deep Woods OFF!  Perhaps he soaks the ground, roots and leaves with DDT!  Doesn't matter.  Just keep the tomatoes flowing, James old buddy!

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d smith kaich jones said...

I'm with the lovely Katie - NOTHING is better than standing at the kitchen sink eating home grown tomatoes. Maybe sex. Maybe. BOTH are gifts from God.