Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Kid

  Kid around the block- the 13-year old son of some friends of mine got interested in Highpower rifle shooting last year.  The TSRA loaded him a rifle, (a brand new Rock River National Match AR15), through the junior program, I made the ammo and coached and next Wednesday he is going to be tossed into an SUV full of other Texas Juniors and go to Camp Perry.
  We went out and shot a little sitting and standing at 200 this morning.  He's not very tight standing but his sitting is coming together.  He shot in the 90s including a 97X3.  We'll get two more practices before he goes to the National Matches.
  Oh, the TSRA pays his way, his housing, his food, his match fees and gives them a little allowance to walk around Camp Perry during this ten day trip.
  Is this a great vacation for a kid or what?

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Anonymous said...

god, robert u make me look weird, haha but its true everyword, i have the best coach!!!