Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Panola LEG Match Video up.

Posted. Lots of faces and shooting. Richard Ford LEGs out!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pistol Legging.

300 yard prone. Firing a .223 spacegun.

600 yard prone. 80 grain Sierra Matchkings.

Justin and I walking downrange. He got 10 points with a 270 and I got 8 points with a 262.

Firing my Les Baer.

Thanks to Alan for taking a few photos with his iphone. I'm usually invisible at these events.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Faces of Panola NRA Regional Match Weekend.

Always the biggest hat in the house. Clay Hefner from Pittsburg. Clay was the top LEG for the gold in Sundays EIC rifle match. He'll be going back to Perry with us...and you never know. His mom might even show up.

Roy Plumlee from Terrell. Double Distinguished. NM veteran of many military and TSRA teams. Roy ran the line at the pistol LEG.

If he hasn't won it yet, he will. 4-time TSRA Service Rifle Champ, NM Vet, 2nd place in the Regional and the LEG match. Justin Utley is in school for the Tyler PD. He's smiling because he won the Pistol EIC.

Deer hunter, longtime competitor, gun rights supporter and businessman Allan Long at the Pistol Match. When his son gets old enough to shoot with us, there is going to be big trouble.

Frequently the only sober inhabitant of Vivian, Louisiana, Tommy Laing daydreams about his next ex-wife.

Okie Richard Ford Legged out and won his Distinguished Rifleman's Badge on Sunday. He's a happy Sooner. We hope to see him get his badge on the stage at Camp Perry during this years National Matches.

Half of the Rogers Brothers Brain Trust, Travis Rogers, TSRA NM Junior Team vet and great guy.

Dual citizenship in Texas and Minnesota, James Pennington met Clay Hefner at the audition for TOP SHOT and has come to shoot with us a couple of times. James won 6 LEG points on Sunday.

Somebody will remind me who this is. Blanking.

Katye Foster, SHSU student and NM Vet scopes the targets while scoring.

Warren Vandiver on the line at 300.

Travis Rogers sets the time at 300 rapid.

The OTHER half of the Rogers Brothers Brain Trust, Clayton Rogers. There is a controversey about which brother is taller, which smarter and which better looking.

Jamesy Wamsey. TSRA Junior Team shooter. Emily Hogg calls him "cupcake," but that won't last long.

The extremely competitive yet laid back Dr. Jeffrey Lin from Ft Worth.

Our host, Roger Sepaugh. NM TSRA Team Vet and working on Double Distinguished. If he lives long enough.

Tommy Laing with extra eye protection from richocheting women and date fragments.

NM vet Glenn Edgard, Houston, Texas. Distinguished Rifle and one of the folks who help host and run the Bayou Rifles Regional every year.

James Pennington thinks it over at the 600 yardline. Texas?...or Minnesota....

Jonathan Slaught. A TSRA Junior NM Junior Team shooter who is slowly working his shooting into a very competitive place.

Gregg Foster from Lufkin, Texas. He and daughter Katie own consecutively numbered Distinguished Rifle Badges. They were in line with Ron Leraas on the stage at the National Matches last year during the presentation.

Katie Foster. She won last year's LEG match here and went Distinguished along with her dad.

David Guthry from West Texas. David won the TSRA Garand Match a few years back and always shoots competitively, especially with wood-stocked rifles. NM Team member.

John Izlehoefer, whose name cannot be correctly spelled on the first try, even by family members. John is going to Camp Perry with the NM team this year.

Don't harsh that mellow just yet...its only a pixellated PICTURE of Coach Dick Curry!

James Pennington, the Singing Cowboy.

Ron Leraas pitched in and ran the pits when Dave Wilson needed a break. Ron is from Big Sandy and had his son shooting with him at the matches.

2030 National Match team shooter Nathan Stephens may be eating his sneaker right now, but he will be eating their lunch in about 20 years. Son of Regional Champ Keith Stephens and Lisa. This was his first Panola NRA Regional. He slept through some parts, but so did Coach Curry.

Panola People

Katye Foster and friends.

Firing line at 200 offhand.

Wide view down the middle of Panola.

Tom Ayers waits on the line commands at 200 sitting rapid fire.

200 yardline during the rapid fire stage.

Katye Foster and more friends.

Mid-match conference.

Nathan Stephens rides around with the winner.

Triple Hoggs in the pits. Mitchell, Emily and Rusty.

Pistol relay during the EIC/LEG Service Pistol match.

The Winners: Tony Miller for Bronze, Justin Utley for Silver, Keith Stephens for Gold.

Richard Ford Legs out at Panola.

Richard Ford at the 600 yard line at Panola.

Richard Ford from Oklahoma was the only person to finish off his 30 Distinguished Rifle points and earn his DR Badge. Congrats! It's a really big deal to win a Distinguished Badge. Let's hope the okies accept real LEG points from Texas.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Panola NRA Regional Weekend.

The200 yard line firing offhand.

Appleseed veteran Lauren shooting at 300 prone rapid.

TSRA Junior getting ready for 200 sitting rapid string.

One of the juniors shoot offhand at 200.

Jonathan Slaught fires up the 600 yard line in the early morning light. We shot 600 first so that it wouldn't be shot in the late afternoon glare.

You can't say enough about the time, work and effort the TSRA, Highpower and Club folks put in to host this great rifle match. This year, like every year, the range sold out, filling up the 64 open spots with some stand-bys. Friday Team Day was big and the Sunday LEG match had 60 folks shooting, 49 non-distinguished and gave five LEGS. Afterwards there was the biggest Bullseye Pistol LEG match held in the last 20 years in Texas with 38 folks shooting, ALL of them non-distinguished. We gave four legs. That's a HUGE Bullseye pistol match these days.

Perfect weather with a high in the 70s. Light to no wind. Overcast to cut the sun on Saturday. Wonderful weekend to shoot yourself silly.

Thanks to Match Director Rick Crawford, TSRA Directors Ken Gaby and Dick Curry, Ron Leraas for running the pits, Roy Plumlee and Gary Shannon who ran the pistol show, Dave Wilson on the line, the Sepaughs and everyone who pitched in and made it a smooth, seamless and professional event.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A.C. Gentry at the UT Tyler Heath Center today, looking at his paintings.

Katie and I drove our neighbor A.C Gentry out to UT Tyler Health Center to look at some paintings they have had up for years out there. He's our favorite neighbor. Sorry Dan.