Thursday, July 3, 2008

Calendar Cuts

  With a little bit of bayonet borrowing I finished up this image while managing to knock off two more in the window light of Mac Wood's  gun and knife shop, The Shootist.  Notice the added blades on the left and the emerging point on the right.  It sorted pretty easily after a night off.  Short telephoto setting of the 18-200 Nikon lens.

  I shot the wide-angle end of the zoom as well.  I had to re-hang the background rug so I wouldn't shoot off of it.  Sometimes one end of the zoom or the other will have a little more image energy.

  Nine shots.  Rethinking my German pistol photo.  

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Rabbit said...

Dang, I need to go see Mack. I don't think I've been in since I picked up the FAL I bought from him.