Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Calendar work.

The Texas State Rifle Association - TSRA calendar photos are due and I'm finishing them out.  Every year I send enough photos to do the 12 months plus the endcaps and under-images on the credit page.  It's a nice calendar.  Very expensive to print and mail.  I work for free which saves our state organization a bundle.  Having one vision for the calendar creates a better end product.  We are trying to win hearts and minds and impress gun nuts.

  I'm running out of guns having shot everything I own or could borrow in the neighborhood.  I do get invitations from REAL gun nuts to come work in their collection, which usually does the job.  Last year I photographed Bill Fowlers stuff.  (SASS # 907)  His wife rolled her eyes when I lugged my lights in and said "Welcome to the museum."  Bill had great guns and a lot of accessories.

  I'd like to get access to the Texas Ranger Museum collection or the A&M Arms Museum.  Texas archeologists found LaSalles cannons a few years ago.  It would be a wonderful excuse to get in and see them.  I'm sure I could coax out a few photos.

  Failing that, I'm submitting one photo of bayonets along with the guns.  I got a sheet of foam insulation and doubled it floating between stacks of apple boxes.  The bayonets are driven through.  Easy to arrange and adjust.  One light from the side and reflectors.  Background is an old rug.  I worked the shot for a bit and then let it sit for the night.  No point in shooting the final file without one more look at it in the morning.  Might scrounge up another bayonet.  Need a Jap and a Randal.

  Shooting still life  is easy.  First toss everything in front of the camera.  Start shooting and sorting.  Keep looking. Keep sorting.  After a bit it begins to come to a coherent whole.

  I'm using a Nikon D300 and a medium bit of telephoto for this one.  I think this is shot number seven of the calendar.  Halfway done.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about right now, but they kept the cannons from the Belle on the Riverside campus right outside of College Station. You could just drive up and look at them. Grad students were doing the preservation work and they were always happy to show off their stuff.

I think at least one of the cannons is in the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin.

Robert Langham said...

Thanks for the tip. This is a multi-year effort so sooner or later, I will get to them.

d smith kaich jones said...

You can always borrow my old white parade rifle if you need a pretty, girly shot.


Robert Langham said...

I'd completely forgotten about your parade rifle.