Sunday, July 6, 2008

600 Yard plot with Betsy

 22 shots in 22 minutes, prone at 600 yards with Betsy and the new barrel, a Douglas 1/7.7 twist stainless.  The mirage was running right to left and kept building.  I added windage in 1/4 MOA clicks and never got bold enough.  The mirage looked like it was picking up and letting off, reversed a couple of times, (which I waited out), a cloud covered the target, (which I also waited out)

  First sighter with no wind, (S1).  I added 3/4 of a minute and shot a high 10 at S2, then went for score shooting a 9 low, (1).  More carefully for a 10 at six oclock, (2,3,4)  and off to the races.  I plotted each shot after firing the NEXT shot while the target was pulled down in the pits for scoring.

  Started with 3/4 of a minute on and ended with 2 1/4 MOA and was still downwind.

  But at least the shots look rational.  My previous rifle, now busted to practice, loaner and Infantry Trophy gun shot all over at 600 yards. 

  This rifle will tighten up a little as it breaks in.  Still not positive of the no-wind zero since I was shooting in a little bit of drift.

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