Monday, July 21, 2008

Camp Perry Convoys, First Wave

 Juniors are leaving tomorrow.  They usually hit the Air Force Museum at Dayton or the Corvette Museum.  This year I think they get a day at Cedar Point.  Next they take the Small Arms Firing School or the Marine School at Camp Perry.  They are shooting when we roll in on Saturday.

  Shot a little offhand and some sitting groups with the Kid.  His mom is packing him now.  I drilled him in how to say: "Do you have any free stuff for Juniors?" in three languages.  Also: " I love shooting offhand!" and, "Can I have that CMP pen?"

  Rehearsed the proper response for:

   Let's go moon the Oklahoma Junior Team!
   Let's hide in the showers in the girls bathroom! 
   How about we set fire to the dumpster!
   I know, lets go down to the fishing pier at midnight! 
   The North Carolina team left three beers in their cooler, lets swipe them!
   Let's photograph your butt and phonemail it to that hot girl on the California team!
   I found someones Kodiak!  Let's chew!

  The correct response to all the above is:  No thanks.  I love shooting offhand.  Can I have that pen?  Do you have any free stuff for Junior shooters?

  The TSRA puts a lot of money into Junior Teams.  Now we have to sweat that they go to the Nationals and don't act like juniors.

UPDATE:  And they are OFF!  Met TSRA Junior Team Director Stan Jaroz and his convoy at Mt Vernon and tossed in the kid.  His dad met us there and they got the team talk from Stan.  I'm sure most of them are asleep somewhere in Arkansas right now, at about 76 mph.

UPDATE 2:  They are in a motel in Tennessee.  Jackson maybe.


catfish said...

Are you telling me that you're supposed to grow out of that stage at some point??

Robert Langham said...

Catfish, I think the TSRA gave up on you a few decades ago.

I just hope there aren't photos of the Texas Juniors smoking cigars when this is done.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there is no OKIE Jr team to moon.

Robert Langham said...

Guy: The Okie team said the juniors couldn't come until they could buy their own beer.