Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tommy Laing.

Marine Shawn Taylor.

Roger Lankford.

Katie Wilkens.

Bailey Fairchild.

Travis Rogers.

Cheeking it up at the TSRA Highpower Championship. You can't have too much. You can only have too little.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TSRA Highpower images.

Roger Langford concentrating....or trying to read instructions off his rifle.

David Guthry prone at 300.

Tony Bailey on the line at 300.

Ltc Don Tryce.

Young women with assault rifles. Makes Obama sad.

300 rapid. David Keys under that Marine Logo jacket.

Switching 6:00 wind.

Some fortunate 13 year old being coached.

Lauren Conner from SHSU JROTC.

Bailey Fairchild checking a standing shot.

Clay Hefner waiting on 200 sitting rapid.

Marine Shawn Taylor.

New Kid on the line.

A lot of new juniors from various Texas clubs. Big crowd. Crawford was kept busy untangling rifle problems. Gaby ran a crisp line and Paul LaBerge handled the pits. I think everyone enjoyed their match.

2010 TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship

2010 Highpower Rifle Champions Michael Carter with his 6mm Tubb Gun.

Sam Houston State University JROTC group.

Andrew Trampus is now 6 feet tall and has grown into his rifle.

Garand on the line.

Tommy Liang near the start of the firing line.

Ken Bartling.

Switching, gusty, 6:00 winds made everyone miserable.

Offhand at 200 yards.

Travis Rogers, TSRA Junior Team.

New faces on the line.

Royce Brown, TSRA Junior Team.

Tommy Liang, Distinguished Rifleman.

The red dust of Camp Swift gets into everything, coating your rifle, cart, mat, scope, clothes with a fine amber tint. Its like the black mud from the Waco/Watt range: once it's on you have to chip away at it for years. I'm sure I will be laying on the mat at Camp Perry during prep and look over to see red dust on a cart wheel.
Team day was friday with 15 teams. Thats a lot. We put all the National Match folks on teams to practice pair-firing and working together. It was unseasonably hot. Dangerous hot. By the time we got to 600 we were suffering. I went through six or more bottles of water. The three TSRA teams were first second and fifth, though nobody shot very well.
Saturday was day one of the Championship. We cut it back to a 50 shot match because of the weather and nobody complained. Conditions were a little better. 106 folks on the line. I shot awfully standing with a 90 and ended at 477 in fifth place.
Sunday was the best weather day with a nice breeze cooling us off. The field had dropped to 96. I had the high score at 489 but it wasn't enough to overcome the previous days bad shooting. I ended up third. Keith Stephens was second and Michael Carter won the Highpower Rifle Championship. 1,2 and 3 were spread across four points.
Kind of a break coming up, then Camp Perry and the National Matches.
Ken Gaby and Rick Crawford ran another big Texas match. Seems like every time I looked over from my bunk in the barracks they were sorting and computing. They do a great job for everyone while the rest of us just shoot. I think we are in the golden age of Texas Highpower shooting with them running the show.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.


Here's the standard image the "religion of peace" threatens murder over. I think Islam ought to be as accepted in modern life as the KKK is. The KKK is BETTER on rights for women and gays by the way.
Hope this helps them get over their murder drama, but really, isn't it time to put islam on the same junkpile as cannibalism or the Aztecs religion? Just doesn't work in modern life. You can't stone or hang folks for being gay and women are human beings just like.....human beings. You can't deny them rights or education.

Off to shoot the TSRA Highpower Championship

Back to Camp Swift for three days to shoot. Friday is team day, a 4-man team 50 shot course of fire. Saturday (80 shots) and Sunday (50 shots) are combined for the championship. Shooting my match rifle all three days. Going to try and shoot an IT practice for the National Match team but we'll see. We tried it at the Mid-Range but ran out of time.
Barracks life. Taking the Kid along. Probably 100 shooters. Big Texas Match. Lotta great food including BBQ from Meyers and Southside Market in Elgin.

Dead Cow Cam

Solar collecting.

Not much going on. I pulled the carcass back into the cam field and changed batts. Just 124 files down from an average of 100. Found the scapula from lower missing leg out in the field about 80 yards away.

Carcass doesn't have a big odor plume but is pretty sour smelling up close.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daily Deercam

Nothing but some blank white files, a crow and a coon on the creek cam. Up the hill a little Bobcat was crossing.
Very green and buggy with lots of Poison Ivy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dead Cow Cam

The local possum. Something really had to drag the carcass over. Missing the underneath front leg.
Coyote. A little female I think.

Squirrels showed up. Might be chiseling the exposed fresh bone for calcium.

Turkey Vulture.

Still can draw a little crowd. Note the larynx bone by the front vulture.

Our lady of the long nose.

Armadillos made several passes. Might be after bugs. Maggots.

Just a skeleton inside a dry hide. Something dragged it over to the edge of the trees. (Bigfoot) I brought a hoe, (farm implement, not politician) and dragged it back out in the open. Heavy. The cam missed whatever pulled it to the trees. No crows still. I thought there would be some crows. Fresh batts and card.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TSRA State Match at Manor.

The Kid firing.

Note the case up in the roofline.

Team matches, LEG match and Distinguished Revolver tomorrow. They need more shooters. I think the Kid and I are going to drive 500 miles round trip on a pleasant Texas Sunday to shoot.
Austin Rifle Club. TSRA State Pistol Championship.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Deercam

A tree fell into the scrape on the hill area.

Going to have to trim back the leaves.

I think I see sockets on this buck. Just starting to grow horns.

Bigfoot leading a big buck past with a halter.

Buggy and green. Branches reaching into every trail. I forgot my OFF! and my hand clippers. Cams either dead, (Moultrie rechargeable lantern batts) or down to 45% power. Creek at a yearly low from the lack of rain. Moth cocoons on the cam sensors and little spiders nesting in the lenses. Early Summer. Katie woke up with a deer tick on her eyelash.