Saturday, July 19, 2008

Butt Biting

  And you thought you had a bad day.

  I don't know how this green anole got away from whatever tried to eat him, but it must have been damn close.  He didn't look that well but he did some push-ups and tried to inflate his red neck sack a couple of times.

  Nervy.  And lucky.  It did a number on his tail, pelvis, ribs....basically everything behind his ears. 

  Do Lizards get religion after a close call?

  In the Target Pits at Panola on the pit wall that is famous for being home to Texas Rat Snakes.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was born that way, you know, as a way to ring in the "Hope" and "Change" that THAT fucktard keeps spewing, which, like the lizard, is pretty damned retarded.

Unknown said...

If he did "push ups" and showed his red dewlap, he was trying to find a willing female.
I have seen them out smart one of the most skilled hunters on the planet.
I have also seen them survive a very close encounter with the same hunter and live to tell the tale even after loosing the tail.

Robert Langham said...

Let's hope Obama leaves us in as good a shape as this poor guy. I wouldn't be quite that optimistic.

Robert Langham said...

If he found a mate, then it's really true- looks don't matter.

d smith kaich jones said...

Looks DON'T matter. Any female lizard (or whatever you called this) worth her salt would want to make babies with this guy - he's a survivor. No doubt whatsoever he could protect her & said babies.
And besides, you shoulda seen the OTHER guy!

GunGeek said...

One spring day I hooked the hose up and started to vacuum the swimming pool. After about five minutes of sucking up leaves, I went back to the pump to empty the filter basket. There was an anole in it. Alive. Under water.

He had apparently been hanging out in the pool hose before I plugged it in and proceeded to suck many gallons of water through it, drawing him all the way back through the hose and underground piping until he got stopped by the basket.

I put him on the heat pump housing, in the sun, and watched him breathe more deeply than I've ever seen a lizard breathe for a few minutes. When I finished with the basket emptying and such, I went to check on him and he jumped up on the house and scampered off.

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.