Saturday, July 12, 2008

Suicide Saturday Afternoons

  This week was a scenic tour.  My nephew's ex-girlfriend, who maliciously caused much legal grief...shot herself.  About a year late, if she was going.
  A guy I knew of, and had photographed for a major client, killed his wife with a baseball bat and then hung himself.  In the storage shed.
  The Redhead's classmate in an Austin Pilates seminar had a fight with her boyfriend and hung herself in the house they were housesitting.
  Much drama.  Kids.  Dogs.  Families.  Patients.  Students.  Neighbors.  Churches.  Clients.  All left behind.
  I get in from the range, the Redhead gets in from the health food store and we make a deercam run, hit the gas station.  Dairy Queen for chocolate dipped cones in the slanty late light.
  Kill yourself in the workweek and miss.... the gift of a nice lazy Saturday afternoon. 
  God preserve and save us from next week.

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d smith kaich jones said...

I found this little astrological tidbit concerning last week: "Things will fire up again by Tuesday, July 8th. The Sun will be out of balance with Jupiter, and this could bring some bad-luck and some extravagant behavior. Mercury will be crossing into Cancer on Thursday, but he will have to fight with Pluto in the process. Jealousy and fear may crop up as early as Wednesday."

Kinda weird.