Sunday, July 31, 2011

Touristing around at Camp Perry.

The CMP store. Commercial row. Viale Range. The Pier. Range Control Tower. Krogers. NRA store. Roger Lankford was buying a very nice Krag 30-40.

Emily Hogg was 3rd in the EIC/M16 match and got her first four LEG points. Sunny and nice out. We could see splashes in the water from the Marine Clinic during the rapid fires when we were up on the tower. Very pleasant to not have a schedule and to have Katie along.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Days to Ohio.

Always impressed with the trucking traffic on the interstates and the farming throughout the midwest as we come east. I'd never driven this before. Usually I navigate a little, handle the radios and read the papers across the country while sitting in Rick Crawford's truck at 76 mph. I had to drive the whole 1100 miles in my 4-runner. Not the same.

Since I am in my own vehicle Katie and I packed anything we needed. I've got my Deardorff along with a few sheets of film. We've got a nice little private room at the Mar-Lu. I don't think she is scaring the team. Who wouldn't want to have a knockout redhead along for the trip? Having a happy time.

I taped two photos of Rick up in every cabin. Just to keep folks mindful.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daily Deercam.

Packing and finishing up to roll out the door to Camp Perry for a week of rifle shooting. One last deercam run. Jumped a BIG buck in the thick woods and got a glimpse of some tall and wide 20-inch antlers. Very impressive. Deer on all cams including a little fawn. Reloaded them and will see again in a week. Going to have dead batts all around by then.

It will get more serious after Sept first.

Something attacked this doe from behind.

Marks from another angle. Looks like a cat to me.

Only one fawn. I'm sure more are around.

One doe poking around on the scrape site. Tempted to put a little corn up here.

Hot and dry. The squirrels, coons and crows ate most of the corn. I put out a gallon jug's worth in front of the cam to hold them for photos.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camp Perry.

Rick Crawford dead. Then one guy decided to shoot with another team. Yesterday a second team shooter on the gold team had a relative take a bad turn for the worse. He and his daughter scratched. One of the coaches decided not to go since we might not have a second team. Then the other coach went to the hospital with chest pains and his wife unpacked him.

Most still committed to shooting on a TSRA team though we have lost some key guys. We'll line up and see how it goes. Plenty of depth on the bench for a very talented team, just don't want to burn the new shooters, (every team must fire a new guy every year), if we don't need to.

Fun in the Sun with a Gun coming up.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Blackfork Guide. Six things that happen in your photograph whether you want them to or not.

Six things that hap...
By Robert Langham III

Went in and fixed a couple of mis-spelled wurds and added page numbers. I THINK that completes the flea-combing. Wonderful thing about Blurb is that you can keep fixing. God knows what I will see when I get a hard copy in my hands. Just two copies ordered so far and one of them is mine. Wonder how I get this on Kindle?

Update: Tam-o-whamed! Thanks!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Blackfork Guide.

I ordered a hard copy to look at. Had the idea for a long time but very nice to actually get it into form. We'll see how it goes. Many other ideas but want the lessons from this go-round to soak in first. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

Fixing link to Blurb. I think I have it now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daily Deercam.

Armadillo foraging.

Doe getting suspicious.

Male coyote making the rounds.

Very dry out in the woods. Awful range conditions though there is water running in the creek available. Not much on the cams as only two are working. Others are done.
So dry the dogwoods are dying on the hilltops.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chico the elephant dropped dead at the Tyler Zoo last week. He was a very young 46. I was surprised that he was the oldest and biggest bull elephant in the US. The zoo buried him yesterday on the zoo grounds. No ceremony. Very rare to have un-processed chunk of meat, (14,000 lbs), buried in a hole. They could have opened the carcass and left it for buzzards, causing a carrion-cravanza. Might have drawn wild hogs. Or they could have butchered him. Elephant burgers! Or they could have fed him to the lions.

But they buried him with no service. Something is going to eat him, but it's going to be slow. I would have put a carcass-cam on him and streamed live video from somewhere.

Infantry Team Trophy Match rifle.

AR for Infantry Team Trophy Match is clean, sights set for 600 yards and the sling set for prone. The next time I pull it out of the case will be behind the 600 yard firing line at Camp Perry in the ready area as the six-man Texas State Rifle Association team gets ready for Infantry Trophy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

International Railroad Smallbore Team at Camp Perry, 1929

All shooting bolt-action .22s. Some look to have weights taped to the front barrels.

Real men with small rifles.