Monday, September 28, 2009

Jay Nordinger on NRO: I'm a fan.

I like him. He's not the gunnie type, but he's a genuine man. A smart and cultivated conservative. Every time I read him I feel like I learn something.

And go hit Bill Whittle's latest PJTV on Instapundit. Cato, Hannibal and Acorn. Afterburner, indeed!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where the sidewalk ends

The sidewalk outside our line of shops is fairly active. My photo studio-private- is on one end followed by antique dealers, interior design shoppe, the Redhead's Pilates joint, another garden and interior shop tax-write-off and a cleaners. Brady's coffee is around the next corner. We attract wanderers and beggars. A derelict day-walker took up position across the street to watch the Redhead a couple of years ago. (I knew the guy, from High school. We treated him like extra security, watching.) She had to wave off a pilgrim who stood in front of her plate glass and left a greasy face-plant while watching her class. I get door-knob rattlers and functionally illiterate folks, (PRIVATE), in my door. The redhead may instruct strangers to "ride on." I caution them that "we deal in lead, friend."

Typical incident this week. The antique dealers next door gave ten bucks to a woman who had been walking back and forth. I think they had her sweep a little. Before it was over she was shaking doors and DEMANDING money from every shop.

You just can't help. Doing so endangers everyone on the block.

My favorite beggar was one who showed up at my doorstep last fall pointing at the side-yard. " I must have mowed that yard three, four times last year," he said. "Never did get paid."

Ride on.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Im just saying.

Hosting the Dennis Miller Show.

As a diplomat at the UN.

Any chance Dennis Miller IS Muhammar Khadafi? Or vice versa? They at least have to be nephew and uncle.

Check out Dennis in his fez on the live cam. I'm right.

Who says there's no such thing as progress?

An 80.00 LeMat.

Determined Turkeyness.

These are some very impressive turkeys, though I don't exactly know what they think they are going to do if they catch you. I'd think the secret is to stand tall and spread your arms to appear as big as possible. Wouldn't hurt to hiss back. If you run, you're going to be chased.

And of course, don't go into the tall grass.

I bet he knows who Sarkosy is now!

Realpolitic from the French president. The CURRENT French president.

Update: He doesn't agree with Obama. Racist!

Friday, September 25, 2009


I swear I just want to post files from my deercams and have lunch at Taco Wacco with the Redhead but I do need to note that this is my local school district that I pay for with my property taxes. Big cafeteria fight, (not a food fight), and then killing a guitar teacher? Who kills guitar teachers? With a knife? How did the school GET guitar teachers?

John Tyler is my alma mater. The school I went to way back in the mists of time when we had glaciers and wooly mammoths in the parking lot. We had a band, not guitars. I played a stone coronet and the drill team girls had tusks and fur. Then the comet came. Oh how things have changed!

We Tylerites pay 8,300.00 per student per year to educate children. The local private schools average annual charge is 7,000.00, so there's another shark jumped. Pay MORE! Get LESS!

If they didn't have the guns, jails and appraisal district I'm not sure I would be good for my fair share.

Update: Some friend in email suggested to not be a hater and go learn the Obama song. Now that's a helpful suggestion! Ummm, Ummm, UM!

Religion of Peace.

Nice guy. Beltbuckle with a pistol on it in rhinestones. Liked techno music. Smoked. Played with the kids. Always good for a ride in his Honda. Jordanian. Hard worker at a smokehouse. Drank. Had a couple of earrings.

Now all of those things will be banned by the TSA.

Can you find Jordan on a map?......cause this guy sure could find Dallas. Good thing all his bomber friends and suppliers were FBI agents. Sooner or later though, some Islamic true believer is going to get all the maps marked and wires connected. Any competent terrorist group could shut down the country in five days or two news cycles for less than 100K with multiple Malvo and Muhammed teams. Thank goodness for the backwardness of Islam, I guess.

Obama will be very troubled, and I just hate that for him.

Note to self: Two earrings, techno music Ipod, smoking with a rhinestone pistol buckle, the faint scent of smokehouse pork = SHOOT! SHOOT NOW!!!!

Update: A little grousing on the web about how helpful the FBI is to this guy. Heck, just because they chat him up with a fake sleeper Jihad cell, buy his bomb car, build his bomb, detonator and drive the getaway folks think this Jordanian is being entrapped? Sheesh. It's not like they picked his prayer rug for him did they? No. So there!


Here's one for my friend the good Doctor Sneed.

Those aggies. Always up to something important. Makes use of every education dollar seem important. OK, at least it beats learning the Obama song at school.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daily Deercam

Big doe coming through.

No fawn.

Monkey people!

Six days in Maine while it rained. Wet coons on the cam. One doe came through, plus a group of simians. Would have like to have seen a fawn.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home is where the cat and the guns are.

Mali the Portego hound, ready for sea.

Mark at the helm of the "S.V. Tula" sailing out of harbor, Blue Hill, Maine.

Coming ashore.

Walking down to the point.

A repeat in the Ellsworth bandshell.


A few photos from the weekend. Back in the home of the brave this evening. Off to work tomorrow and back to our normal lives.

The astounding miracle of travel

Sitting in Mark's living room with leaves changing in the fog out the window. Rent-dodge is packed. Gasoline, tickets on hand, arrangements have been made, monies exchanged, lists made. God and the TSA willing we will travel from Surry, Maine to where our cat is sleeping in Tyler, Texas over the course of a day. It's a miracle. Wonderful times to be alive.

They don't want me to have a gun though, what's that about?

Monday, September 21, 2009

More various errands

Another marriage service today, this time a legal one in the Ellsworth, Maine river Gazebo. Said gazebo was a picnic spot for a local group of sheltered home folks, so we got really authentic and charming idiots as audience and witnesses. Service performed by Mike Povitch, the local DA. Nice enough guy and we got to wear our fancy duds again, though, in a fit of helpfulness and simplicity, I had agreed to wear whatever Mrs. Redhead picked out. Ended up in a white shirt with no pockets and, (I realized when we were at a turnout later at Acadia National Park), embroidered.

Dang. There ain't any tough guys, even Mexican, who wear embroidered shirts. I changed before we got to Cadillac Mountain. Looked like a gay waiter in a fancy spritzer water bar.

Acadia nice enough though I don't understand some of the easy stuff. They cut grass at the National Park but they won't cut trees that are degrading the overlook views? Hardly a turnout along the park roads that you can see from due to treetops. Saw the infamous Thunder Hole. Woods in terrible shape. Tinderfied.

Great weather. Heading home tomorrow. Teaching Wednesday. Be glad to see my own guns again. Did zap a squirrel for Mark today under his feeder on the back ledge.

Everybody was Kung-fu fighting

Unbearable situation. Hunter to the rescue. Like everywhere, they need concealed carry.

Friday, September 18, 2009

An Errand up North

The redhead and I are in Maine on an errand over a long weekend. Got to walk on the rocky beach today where not one pebble of my rock cairns remains. Still plenty of gulls.

Flew into Boston and drove to Olgunquit and stayed at the Norseman motel where the novel 'The Stand" begins. Our favorite beach.

No guns. I bought a NY Times to see if they mentioned the ACORN scandal. They didn't, just like their reputation. Incredible.

Casual dress by America all the way up. Nice to see the country though I didn't see Camp Perry under cloud cover when we went over. I did wave at Breda.

Tide in, tide out. I'm telling you, Texans wouldn't stand for this for a second!

Update: Errand done in fine style, the redhead is now Mrs Redhead. Sailed across the bay to a gorgeous spot where preparations had been made, Katie put on a hot wedding dress down in the cabin, Mark Baldwin stood up with us and read us our rights and then we champagned and lunched until it was time to sail back to Blue Hill Marina. Marriage? So far, so good....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scooped! By a ministers daughter and a geek with a video camera.

Heck, we had nearly the same thing at the HS Precision booth at the NRA convention, only his batteries were dead or something.

This is looking like the future to me. Wire around the main stream media and it.

There certainly is a lot of low-hanging fruit from corrupt pols, lazy policemen, stupid criminals, inept bureaucrats......and the most pitiful federal administration evah.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Dead Deercam

Nothing in town except an abandoned corn pile. I suspect it goes rancid in the rain after a week and nothing eats it except mice and distempered coons. I get a couple of crows now and then on cam.
I've finished the photo project on the land and turned in all my prints.
Checked a lake cam today and a new battery wouldn't bring it back to life. Might be a dead Moultrie. Can't get across the flooded creek until I get back from a little trip with the redhead.
The lake has construction from the outer Loop 49 gearing up on one side. A pipeline company was working on the pipeline that runs right through my prime hunting area. I think they will be gone in a week or two and deer have short memories. We'll see. Need to get the cameras up and running. I'd like to see the town fawns again a time or two. Maybe I can find an arrowhead along the dug-up pipeline.

Where the heck is Mr Completely?

Blog got swallowed up by a black hole. Hope everything returns and everything is OK. They are just back from the Bloggers Rendevous at Tahoe.

Update: He's back. Ramp down from condition amber.

Filching blogs from Tam

I linked these guys like, RFN.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

You Lie!

Brits doing the work the American Press won't do.

Sounds like a very successful day for American Patriots. And there was evidently a cultural difference: The marchers paid their own way to Washington and when the marchers left there was hardly any trash.

Finishing prints

Yesterday I got the last color inkjets and made three terrific prints in my darkroom. That's the end. This morning I went in to flatten and spot. Using Spot Pens, (warmtone), and painting those images heavily. I knock the white dots shut and smooth up the photos. You would never notice it unless you compared it with an unspotted print but then it was a dramatic difference. Color ones got it too. It's like dodging and burning: makes a huge difference but if they notice it, you overstepped.

Put the negs in an archival box from Light Impressions and labled them. Probably never be printed or looked at again. Too bad. It was a tour de force of photographing nothing but sticks and leaves. Maybe a grad student working on their dissertation will find me after I am gone.

The lab is set up, chemicals stocked, plenty of paper, I'm at the top of my game. Need another project.

More Wasp News.

They remember. And they are monarchists and communists.

The Panola Club Championship is next month. One commenter in the previous post said the wasps may be warming up for THEIR club Championship.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rick Rescorla: KIA NYC, 9/11.

Rick Rescorla at LZ X-Ray in 1965.

More like this man, please.

It's 9/11

And our government is more stupidly bloated and corrupt than it was when islamist terrorists knocked down the towers.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh please....

So Republican and South Carolinian Joe Wilson, (NOT the one married to Valarie Plame, while we are talking about liars), is overcome by a bolus of prevarication by the Big O and blurts out: "you lie!"

Well. You get the stupid party and the evil party together and you don't think someone is going to speak truth to power?

And spare me high dudgeon about breaking civility like a loaf of stale bread. The dems booed Bush during the State of the Union. "Bush lied, people died", instead of "in God we trust", is probably going to be on the next nickel out of the mint. The politeness ship hasn't just sailed, it sailed and sunk with no survivors.

Maybe Congressman Wilson has tourettes and needs a handicapped parking space instead of censure. After all, if the TV audience had been able to hear him, 52% would have said "damn straight!"

The president hardly has a complaint. Being a liar is just part of the toolkit for corrupt politicians from Chicago. How do you think he got this job? Or any other jobs on the short way up?

Chickens coming home to roost.

Quite a speech. We don't want to let fear mongers drive us, but oh by the way if this doesn't pass everyone will die. There's 30 million uninsured. Last week there were 46 million, but never mind. It won't cost a dime. The government will run it like a business, after they run all the businesses out of business.

And the biggest lie: Trust us!

The best thing about a joint session of congress and the President speaking is that you can see the 600 people who ruined the country and want to ruin it more and forever. Seems like such a small group wouldn't be able to do so much damage but there they are, the damn liars.

Update: And also, you suck.

Naming trees

Bulk of the museum show turned over today. 17 B&W and 13 color prints. The final part was sitting down with the registrar and signing and naming the images. Most of them are, as Mike Boykin the color printer would say "a lot of little trees along a creek over here" or "a lot of little trees along a creek over there." I managed to do a little better than that with lightning split trees, beaver cut trunk, dogwoods upstream, et. I was interested to see how a B/W and color show would look. The prints certainly look good and the curator has a genius for selection and sequence. We'll see.
The show is split into Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Just a few prints to go and I can start working on the next project.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Million Gun Month

A million background checks in August. A million guns moving from one place to another. And I didn't buy any of them.
Who says there's no such thing as progress?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blast from the Past

Garand Championship next month. I've rebarreled and restocked my rifle and it shot 33rd at Camp Perry. Gotta shoot a little better to be competitive in Texas. Won it a couple years ago but lots of good shooters here.
And deer season is coming, after a bit. This doe was taken at 125 yards or so with one shot through the neck firing a 1969 LC FMJ.

Museum exhibition

Wrapping up my part of the show by finishing the printing this week. I can go in the darkroom and do about a 10 sheet pack of 20X24 paper in a session. Takes about five hours to get them washed, toned and drying on the racks. Did my part for the day today got spotting and flattening done as well. Still at least two unprocessed 5X7 negs that I would like to print for the show.

Using Ilford doublweight fiber multigrade, Harman warmtone developer and some very well behaved HP5 plus 5X7 negatives. I think I like the X-tol developed negatives the best. I think.

Busy fall.

Update: back out for a couple of negatives late this afternoon. Re-shot a couple of scenes and looked around. Mixing X-tol to process in the morning. Shot mostly Ilford HP5 but also a little old Tri-X which was dead in HC110. Well see how it looks in the X-tol. Found the jawbones of the big beaver, but still no skull. Three files on the cam card. I didn't even pull it. Heck of a snake track on the big sandbar. VERY impressive.

Town deercam quiet.

Occasional coons.

No sign and no deer. I bet the does are out of their nursery areas where they raised fawns and beginning to circulate more. They ought to remember where this corn and cam are located so perhaps I will get to see them a bit more.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Langham Hotel, London

Opened in 1865. Freshly refurbished. Just a place to hang my hat though I bet firearms are prohibited. Tell them you know me and they will be sure to give you a nice room on the park side above the treeline.

Google up your own name and find all kinds of folks. There are over 500 Langhams just on facebook.

Red Wasp

The overhead cover at the Panola 600 yardline has a wasp nest in the end of one pipe. I went to 600 early and was walking equipment to the line when I thought I felt a grasshopper hit my wrist. Wasn't a grasshopper of course, it was a red wasp who got a stinger in me twice right at my watchband.

It's a shock to get stung but I'm not particularly sensitive to wasp poison. I brushed him away but what happened next was the most interesting: I got to watch him set up his attack.

He flew about shoulder high and would take a dip at me, then recover and buzz back for another look. He didn't go round and round, never turned his back, instead making a series of dives and pull backs. If I had been carrying a badminton racket he would have been toast due to his low speed and hovering. I'd seen an attack before as an observer when red wasps attacked and stung my uncle once at his lakehouse while I watched from the pier. They took three or four dips in and then finally pressed an attack all the way.

At Panola I moved back and sideways to make him have to reconfigure and relocate me between dips. He finally held off when I had enough distance. Nobody had any hornet spray or gunscrubber but I did try a little sight black on them. It ended up being a draw, though I wouldn't give much for their chances. Someone will toast them.
Wrist has a slight puffyness today and an itch. Sting point has a little scab.

Update: Itchy wrist for the past couple days. When I got back to 600 at Panola two guys were sitting and talking, one at the concrete bench used for testing loads. I had to warn him about the black widows that web up under the edge so that he wouldn't have an encounter with gentle woodland creatures.

Sunday Morning Sunday Papers

In a year or two it will be a moot point. There won't BE any papers, Sunday or otherwise, but today the redhead and I hit a new breakfast place and I, a common consumer tried to buy a paper.
I wanted a Dallas Morning News. Three bucks. In quarters. That's twelve coins that you have to round up. I managed to do that, but then the machine-full of papers, wouldn't open. It gave the money back as I ran the process three times to be sure. In fact, it spit up quarters like a slot machine but it wouldn't give me an overpriced newspaper. I settled for a 1.75 Tyler Morning Telegraph. At least it's machine would work.
And you know what? The paper was awful.
I don't know why I am bothering. Couple of columnists. Stale news. Bad photos. Incomplete stories. I'd already read Dilbert on the web. If you want real news you have to go online anyway. One of these days soon I won't bother and shortly afterwards the papers will be gone.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My guns. My guns my guns my guns. Check it out.

Today was the first match of the rest of our lives....after winning the Soldier of Marathon National Trophy. Good to see some of the team folks gathered at Panola for a post summery match. Got a little warm before it was over with the temp running into the high 80s. I shot an almost-good score of 773X25. Had to shoot an alibi relay at 200 when a case stuck. (I think that's the last of that sizing run.) Lost a point in the process. Just couldn't quite get over the hump to decent scores in the slow fires.
Panola has new flags going down the right side of the range. Might be helpful though mostly they hung limp as the mirage flipped around. They can't be worse than the berm flag which always flies opposite the wind direction actually needed.
A great pleasure to be inside the experience of shooting my AR. The fit of the rifle, the grains of sight black on the front sight, the mirage floating across the target numbers. Fine way to spend a day.
Got my Infantry Trophy rifle and my Springfield 1903A3 back. They rode home early from the National Matches in the trailer. The IT gun still had the 300 yard sitting zero on it and the case was stuffed full of 30 round mags. The Springfield had soot in the barrel. Like Christmas to get your guns back full of memories.
Dave Wilson bought lunch for the National Match folks. Jeff Lin found some Swiss GP 11 and Gregg Foster and I replenished our ammo stashes for the K31.
Club Championship next month followed by a solid month of important matches. The Texas Service Rifle Championship is coming up at Camp Swift. Long Range Championship at Pearland and Texas Garand Championship at Terrell. Going to be an ammo-burning month. If the Lord lets us live, as Alan is fond of saying.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Micheal Jackson's guns

I'm sure he has worked his way through the line at the Pearly Gates by now and been processed into one place or another. Wonder if he was in the line with Mother Teresa or the line with the guy who shot the Pope? If he saw Ted Kennedy in line behind him behind him, there might be a problem. Get ready to beat it!

But I digress. Whichever line, the mortal coil he shuffled off is still down here on Earth in limbo. Now comes word that they are going to inter him in a fancy schmanzy mausoleum filled with previously deceased famous folks.

Normally it's common to pack the coffin with items dear to the departed and/or that they might need later. A jewelled glove. A Thriller CD. Extra hair gel. This months copy of "Young Buttcakes!!!"

Myself, its too late for hair gel, I got workmans hands and Thriller is like....1984. I'd just want a good weapon. Wouldn't you? Who wants to go into the afterlife without the one item that a human being uses to maintain his freedom. A tool. I'd want matches, to represent fire. (very important to us top-tier primates, but also a good firearm. Something classic, simple and rugged, since you are going to carry it for eternity. We are obviously talking 1911, or a good Mil-surp rifle like a 1903 Springfield, K98 or a Garand. You are going to have to fly with this thing, or walk, so you will also need a sling or a holster. It could be hot and rugged, so you would think folding stock M1 Carbine. On the other hand, there could be a lot of personalities who NEED more shooting, so you want some punch.

So, what firearm should MJ be sent to eternity with? Luger? Glock? Colt Pocket model .32? Jeweled Beretta 92? He doesn't seem the shotgun type but you can't be a smooth criminal unless you are packing some kind of heat.

Update: Didn't I'm Bad and Beat it just scream for a little firearm-enforced order? MJ was worse than MacGyver about guns, but I gotta say: I think he's going to need one and soon!


Several new laws kicked in down here in Texas this week. One of them is the final brushstroke on the seatbelt laws which started back in 1968 at the behest of the feds. At first, just passenger cars had to HAVE seatbelts as standard equipment. Remember way back then? Then they required seat belts AND shoulder harnesses. Then the front seat passengers in cars (only) to had to wear them. Then trucks as well. This week EVERYONE has to wear them. Front and back. All the time. Everywhere. And kids have to ride in the back so the airbags won't kill them. In approved safety seats. Facing the right way.

We've done wonderful things!

To be even safer, it's now illegal to talk on a cell phone. Only in school zones, of course. Ever been in the jam outside a public school during pick-up time? Everyone is on a cell phone. It's gong to be a ticket-palooza. They will get RICH writing tickets making children safe! I got in my 4-runner in the faculty lot at the college yesterday and the first thing I did was check my voicemail messages, since my phone is turned off while I teach. That's illegal now, until I am off school property. For the children.

That's how you do it. One little law, one little tax, just to get the camels nose under the edge of the tent. 20 years later, you own them, ox, ass and both humps. And no law ever gets abandoned and gets improved. For your safety. For the children.

Of course this was done by Texas legislators, who are Republican, conservative, stalwart sons of the revolution! They guard our safety and constitutional rights!

In Tyler, convervative bastion of East Texas, someone just noticed that we spend more per student, (10,000.00 plus) in our public schools than it costs to send a kid to private school (7000.00 per year), and we get worse edumacated students. The only answer by the public school folks is: Yeah....and so what? We need more money to educate these students better!

Just let the school system police write and collect for their own tickets for cell phones in the school zone and they will be good to go! For a while. Until they need even MORE money.

Moral of this story: Nothing is more expensive than something the government provides for free.