Thursday, July 17, 2008

10/22 Love

 Breda thinks it's love but it's only lust.....gun lust.

  I know the symptoms.  I have to get over them a couple times a quarter myself.  My college buddy, the Good Doctor Sneed went doe-tagging with me last fall when he owned NO rifles and now, less than a year later, (shot seven deer I think) he owns five rifles,( one of them a very custom made 270), a pistol and has his CCL.

  Gun lust.  It's an ugly thing.

  Here's a 10/22 my father bought me back in the mid sixties.  It has a four digit serial number.  I've got it in a Hogue overmolded stock.  The barrel is now a Titan Match barrel from Sportables.  It's got a lot of Volquartzen trigger group and receiver parts. (also Sportables, though Midway has them too.)  On top is a BSA 8-32 Platinum scope.  Too much, but you can see your bullet holes at 100 yards.  (It had the highest customer rating of all the cheap BSA scopes.) Groups under an inch at 100 with Wolf Match Target.  The sling is one I bought in Junior High.  Turns out it was a surplus Thompson Machine Gun sling.   The cheekpiece is a field expediant add-on.  Tape and closed-cell foam.

  I use this as my guest and kid gun.  Great rifle that no one should be without.  If I ever get a suppressor, this is one of the rifles it's going on.  Here I am shooting it and explaining benchrest technique.

  Fun to shoot.  My stock barrel was never much good, even new.  I didn't know it when I was a kid, of course.  I just shot away.  Rarely had a jam or misfire.  It spit up it's extractor a few years ago and I sent it back to the factory and they fixed it at no charge, not even return shipping.

  By the way:  Thanks, Dad.

Update: Mike and Breda are welcome to borrow this, of course.  All they have to do is get in touch.  I'll be right down the road at the National Matches in about a week.

Update I: It is a lotta scope, but five inches on the front is sunshade.

Update II: Yes you do.  You do get gun lust when you are gunless.

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