Monday, October 28, 2013

Texas State Rifle Association CMP Games weekend at Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club.

Nicely run match by the Terrell Club.  The CMP Games weekend is the TSRA Garand, 1903 Springfield, M1 Carbine and Vintage Military Rifle Championship, plus a Pistol LEG match.  Its a great time to get to shoot all your old rifles against a big bunch of people, then drive yourself a little nutty firing a .45acp Service Pistol.

Early Garand relay on Saturday.

Mitch Hogg firing his 1903 Springfield.

K31 Swiss action.

The firing line during an offhand string at 200 yards.

Young man firing a rifle four times as old as he is.

Dan Pate visualizing the X-ring during offhand.

Rifles stacked and waiting.

Mitch Hogg.

Clay Heffner.

Ron Lerras helped run the match.

David Keys called the lines.

Early Carbine relay.

Weaponized Teenager.

Kelli Durst and her Swiss K31.

Daniel Miller checks his target.

Daniel firing at 200 yards.

One of the four Sunday Garand/Vintage/Springfield relays.

Kelli Durst and some Swiss Citizen's rifle.

Offhand concentration.

Firing at 200.

Dan Pate and his Garand.

The Champs, Hefner with Garand, me with Vintage and M1 Carbine and Dan Pate with 1903 Springfield.  Gary Shannon won the Pistol LEG and completed his Pistol Distinguished Badge.  He's Double-Distinguished!

  The matches ran Saturday and Sunday.  The weather was pretty good and not a discouraging word was heard.  There were at least 11 relays run plus two relays of Service Pistol.  Thanks to the Terrell club and Alan Wilson, Ron Lerras, Roy Plumlee, Dave Wilson and David Keys for running an efficient match.  If you were a competitior all you had to do was show up, sign in, get some scorecards and shoot.  Lots of work behind the scenes.  Again:  Great job, folks!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship at Bayou Rifles, Pearland, Texas, October, 2013

Images from the TSRA Highpower Championship at Bayou Rifles in October, 2013.

Sam Houston State University Bearcats came ready to play.

Lauren LeCren on Team Day.

Tony Miller firing on Team Day, Friday.

Izzy firing on Team Day.

Hefner interfering with smooth team functioning on Team Day....but mostly for his own team.

Col. Don Tryce.

Ben Brooks belts out the Star Spangled Banner.

The traditional blowing up of something to start the Highpower Championship.

Clayton Rogers drinking smart water to no effect.

Laurin and the first six feet of Clayton Rogers in the pits.

Target marking.

Clyton misunderstanding his hat.

SHSU Bearkats.

Zeke, Texan and US Citizen in the pits.

Laurin in the pits.

Clayton and James.

The casual Clayton Rogers.

Laurin getting rich off target operations.

Rogers on the firing line.

Bag of gun.

Visualizing being dead.

Line functions while the weather threatens.

Overhead view of the Fairchild.

Rainout on Sunday.

Unarmed junior shooters and Laurin.

TSRA Highpower Champ Randy Scheibel.  777.

Junior awards.

SHSU Bearkat team.

Bailey deploying High Master class hair.

Ken Gaby and Karl ran a smooth match.  Bayou Rifles did a great job hosting.