Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daily Deercam.

Doe and button buck at the cam across the creek.

This guy owned this scrape last year. He's a little bigger this year but so narrow I don't think he will ever be legal to shoot. Must look spectacular from the side.

Little buck beginning to wonder what is going on.

Got across the creek though it is still running strong after the rains. A fresh scrape on the way in.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Deercam.

Nice 10 point wandering around.

We saw several nice bucks circling does on the drive back from Elgin.

Fresh scrape just off the trail but not a print anywhere else. Rains re-set all the dirt and signs.

Here he is at another cam 150 yards away, just a few minutes earlier.

Big rains over the weekend while I was at the Service Rifle Championship. We needed them but I couldn't get across the creek this morning to the cams over there. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily Deercam.

Bulky young buck with terrible antlers. Yug.

Wandering Bobcat.

Doe and yearlings.

Little 1 1/2 year old with nice genes. Going to be wondering whats going on in a bit.

Never had four cams all running at one time. Everything is live. Just barely two weeks to hunting season. No big bucks in evidence but lots of activity.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bored does and bopping bucks.

Drowned cam came back to life with a fresh battery and three months to dry out. I had nearly tossed it. Still glitchy but it's back on the tree and overlooking some corn. Cam on the hillside has gone bad with verrrrrrrrrrrry slow reset times on the software. Others running fine. 158 photos of leaves moved by the wind on the newest.
Copperhead crossing the trail when I came back down. Hate to kill anything out of the ecosystem without a good reason, but I did.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Nepalese patch knife from Queen Victoria's reign. Horn handle. This is the bad one. The Redhead snatched the good one.

Nepalese patch knife and a PAL RH-36.

We use a lot of knives cutting up deer. I've got several plus a couple of dads old big pocket knives. When you are butchering three or four does you can run through every fresh edge you have, so you better have several. In an Atlanta Cutlery catalog I saw 160 year old Nepalese patch knives, issued with every musket to cut patch. They were on sale so I bought a couple, thinking we might use them. No point in not using vintage knives for the enjoyment of history if we are going to be tooled up. From there I discovered trench knives on Ebay, and then WWII issued fighting knives. I knew about the M3 Trench knives issued with M1 Carbines but I knew nothing about the million fighting blades issued to troops during WWII. Old used ones are cheap if they have been sharpened, have pitted blades, et. I sat down and won four or five without ever breaking 20 bucks a blade, shipped. They are showing up like Christmas presents just in time to get edged and carried in the field. The Nepalese patch knives showed up today- never issued or sharpened, gummy with cosmoline, horn handled. Also a Westcut and a PAL RH 36. Beautiful old things. I hope we can get the rust off and the edges sharp enough to enjoy them up at Clarksville. I'm enjoying them already as objects d'art. If nothing else they make the most awesome paper weights and envelope openers ever.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daily Deer Cam

Coyotes around as always.

I love these kind of photos. Little 1 1/2 year old buck, or part of him.

Doe standing where the coyote was. There wasn't a scrape to be seen but she knows where it's GOING to be...

Doe rubbing the overhanging licking branch. They are getting interested.

Nice little buck. Not shootable size but always glad to see the traffic. There isn't any discernable rub or scrape from this year but lots of traffic on cam.

Little spike. Good genes in this area so he will be better next year. Five different bucks on this cam.

Bigger buck. Might be the one that owned this scrape last year. Shootable.

Both cams up and running. Lots of prints but no rubs and no scrapes obvious. Nice to see little bucks around. I shot some engagement photos and was given a gift card to the local Academy. Going to add a cam to replace the one that drowned in the flood when the dam on the lake broke.

Deer cams, like anything in the private sector- computers, phones, lasic eye surgery, Toyotas, cameras, computers....getting better and better fast. Government stuff, like public schooling, bureacracies and law enforcement....failing. Why is this?

Friday, October 1, 2010

K22 Grips.

K22 Grips for less than 20 bucks, shipped.

Cheap, cheesy, plastic target grips for my Colt Python. They FEEL great. Everything on Ebay somewhere.

Ebay is a great thing. These correct target grips were in Canada. Low price due to the condition but heck, my pistol is pretty beat. Can't wait to shoot it. The fellow even included a Canadian dollar coin to show the Redhead.

Update: Every time I clean the K22 I get another big hunking swag of lint, dirt and oil out of some crevice, nook or dark hole. Still toothpicking around. A=Seems to get a little cleaner and smoother every time I shoot and clean it.