Monday, May 25, 2009

TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship

  Keith Stephens, 2009 TSRA Highpower Rifle Champion.

  Keith Stephens won the Championship with a great weekend of shooting.  He led by a lot after day one and a lot more after day two.  Keith is a solid stand-up guy, a National Match TSRA member, Distinguished Rifle, High Master classified shooter.  Just the kind of guy you would want to win the Ike Lee Trophy.  He shot his AR15 against all other rifles, including some very capable match rifles.

  97 competitors and I think it is safe to say that everyone was very happy for someone like Keith to win the TSRA Championship.

  Congrats and nice shooting!  

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Lord MegaDong said...

Congratulations Keith, and an extra congrats for upping the overall agg score for the win. Looks like previous years were in the 1260s and this year that was raised to 1271. Sure you weren't wearing a wolf shirt underneath your jacket?

Sweet! Now you're almost as cool as me, Lord Mega-Dong!!!!