Tuesday, May 12, 2009

99% of Everything is Stupid

  A scourge of drugz!

  The Feds say that Cheerios claim to reduce cholesterol 10% makes those little round Os of oats a DRUG.   And they say General Mills must apply for a permit to sell this drug.

  First of all, is General Mills a REAL General...or what?  IF General Mills is a General, then he ought to order the FDA lined up and shot.

  Secondly, this surprises conservative types not a bit.  When you make a system this complex, with all kinds of bureacrats and regulatory agencies full of enforcement power, you get things like 11 Texas felonies involving oysters, polar bear habitat regulating Mexican power plants, et.

  I hope General Mills orders his troops into battle formation.

Update:  Yes, that's my big double box of Cheerios.  I've even got the Redhead hooked on them.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you buy your breakfast drugs at the same place where I buy mine.
Lazarus Long