Sunday, May 31, 2009

Squirrel and crow fest.

  Two types of Texas Squirrels.


  399 photos.  One rabbit.  One coon.  No deer.  If I was them I would be up the creek a bit in some thicker brush.  They have to cross a big spur to go upstream but I think there is good cover there.   Need to look at it on google earth.
  I think they will check by for the corn every time they go up or down, but they ought to be getting close to dropping the fawns.  That will keep them in thick cover for the month.
  I miss the beaver.  Not a trace since the trapper killed them off.  I guess he got them all.  They made for a dynamic creekbottom.
  Bought some corn from a different feedstore.  it's marked as deer and feeder corn, but is full of crushed kernels, like half steel cut corn.  The label says select whole corn, nice buck on the packaging.  Dang, folks.  I think I am going to call and complain to Country Acres Feed Company in Brentwood, Mo.  Their deercorn sucks.

Update:  Seems like the bobcat would be hunting this squirrel fest.

Update II: Google maps make this place look even better with the forked stream and the cover.  

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Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to Google maps for your area? You have written a lot about the creek and the land, and it would be nice to see a map of the area, where your deer cams are, where you put the surpressed dogs, where the beaver dam was, where the snakes live...