Friday, May 8, 2009

Rifle Testing

  Borrowed scope on the AR to check group size.  Shot pretty well but not a very clear scope.

  Leupold 16X on the match rifle to check group size.  Scope has focus so you can set it clearly.

  A windy warm day today.  84.  Feels like summer and the 20-30mph wind out of the SSW has whipped up a haze.  Awful.  
  I put a Leupold 16X target scope on my match rifle and a mounted a borrowed  fairly cheap scope on one of my ARs and went to the range to shoot off the bench.
  The match rifle shoots OK and that scope is preferable to the one on the AR.  The Leupold 16X is a real target scope.  80s shot 1 1/2 inch group at 100 yards.  69 Sierras opened up a little at 200 yards in a swirling wind.
  I need a dead calm day.  When my scope base comes in I'll reshoot the ARs with the Leupold.   Can't really trust this scope enough to get perfect data.
  Hogs rooting up the lawn of the 100 yard range.  I'd pour out corn and deploy about six leg-hold traps on chains.  Hope they have a plan.
  Brass is tumbling.  I wish I had thought of this before.  With a little help and a radio I can shoot at 500 with 80 grain Sierras, which ought to solve any mysteries.

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Anonymous said...

Not to defend a cheap scope or anything but it has a focus ring between the eyepiece and the power selection ring. Back it off until it gets wobbly (the eyepiece) then take your eye off and tighten it a couple of turns and look thru for focus, repeat, repeat, repeat until it sees the way you want to look. You could put the 16x in those same 1 inch rings on the base that the cheap scope is on and put it on the ar-15. Remember not to cant though. I'm preaching to the choir here I'm sure.