Tuesday, May 5, 2009


  Mary Burton in April, 2006.

  Still a hole, and will be for a while, across the street where Mary Burton lived.  Very odd to look across to an empty house.  She was my neighbor for 30 years.

  Here's a typical Mary story:  Tyler is widely recognized as paradise.  Who lives in Paradise?   God.  If God lives in Tyler, then he lives in the Azalea District, the old red-brick street area.  IF God lives in Tyler in the Azalea District then he lives on the oldest part of it: Lindsey Lane.  If God lives on Lindsey Lane....then who is it? And isn't it a little like God to be not a man, but a woman...just to be contrary, the way God is known to be?   This made for a short list with Mary at the top.
  When asked directly if she was God, Mary would reply: "What do you think?"  When you sat back and thought it was obvious that Mary, in fact, WAS God.


David said...

Mary was such a kind, dynamic lady. What a sweetheart! I didn't know she had passed.

d smith kaich jones said...

This picture just made me smile. Mary & Bob - man, I miss them both, and my heart goes out to poor Charlie. It's funny that you posted this right now - this weekend I caught myself, just for the teeniest bit of a millisecond, thinking I should run over & say hi to Mary. And hit her up for some chocolate. Then I remembered, and the house seemed emptier than before.


Old NFO said...

Anything is possible...