Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sack of brass.

 258 cases of brass on the wall.  This is the fifth reload for most of these cases.

  Even with two events cancelled by rain this last weekend, I've got a big sack of .223 brass that just came out of the tumbler.  Took three sessions.  I must have picked up some extra brass.  I shot 36 in the team match, 68 in Infantry Trophy and 88 on Saturday.  I'm going to sit down and count the cases in this gallon ziplock.  Shouldn't have more than 192 pieces.  

  Sure was fun shooting it, even badly.

  Ordered a carry handle six-inch scope rail for my ARs from Midway.  They have quite a selection, though reading the comments warns you off several.  I'm not going to use it for a permanent mount, just to have the capacity to put a scope on an AR to check group size at the local range.  I wasn't happy with the 600 yard ammo once again.  I ruined some OK scores with bad long range shooting.

Update:  The actual count is 258.  Someone is short some brass.  All cleaned and sized now.  I guess I am officially a brass hog.


Anonymous said...

We feel your pain.

Robin said...

other people's brass ... lol

Old NFO said...

you hog you :-) What happened with the 600 yard load?