Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Owls in the Yard.

  Adult with two youngsters in the background.

  Wet young owls.

  One of last years owls.  They are about this age now.

 The downstairs neighbor spotted a strange fluttering movement at dusk this evening as she and the redhead waited on me to get in from the range.  Turns out it was a young fuzzy screetch owl clawing and flapping his way back up a treetrunk where his parents and sibling were waiting. 

  We've been looking for the owls.  Owl poop along the back hedge, owl poop here, there and everywhere, but no owls.  Finally, there they all were, nearly grown up.  I got a ladder to assist but I wasn't needed.  Neighbors gathered and watched.  I got the flashlight.  The adults were flying around and perching over our heads.   Two youngsters.  I just checked as we came in from dinner and they are safely tucked away in the front oak.  Very nice.

  This is a pretty successful pair of Screetch Owls.  I think they are four out of six over the last three years on raising young, grounding and cats accounting for the two fatalities.

Update:  Big rainstorm in the predawn.   Once you get baby owls, you start worrying.

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