Monday, May 25, 2009


  Phlemmy had snake problems with the dogs.  Breda had snake problems with her bikini.  I came home and we had a recently deceased king snake in the yard.  Heres a set of videos on how to handle snakebite and poisonons snakes from a woman on Expert Village.

  Just a note of caution:  snakes are people too, just scaly ones with no legs who might bite and kill your children or pets.  Usually not a big deal to get excited about.  Don't panic.


Tim Covington said...

I still remember when I was 13 being struck at by a cotton mouth hiding near the well pump (this was near Mt. Pleasant). I never jumped so fast or moved so well in my life. That ended up being one dead snake.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Also FarmDad (from IRC) and Lawdog.

It's an epidemic!!!