Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No I.D.

  Texas Legislature passed one of the last milemarkers last night stuck over the issue of voters having to show some kind of State ID to vote.  The Democrats say this oppresses poor people.  The Repubs think it makes sense.  The clock is going to run out on the session and some good bills, including the TSRA agenda, are going to die because they are behind the ID bill on the calendar.

  If I don't have to show ID to vote, then I don't want to show it anywhere else either.  If the state is OK with casting a ballot without some kind of security, then screw this other bank, airplane, drivers license nonsense.  

  Update:  I bought a firearm the other day, you wouldn't believe the ID I had to show and the paperwork I had to fill out.  There is a big Texas advertising campaign going on right this minute threatening clerks who sell smokes with a 500.00 fine if they don't ask for ID over a CIGARETTE.  They swipe your DL when you go into the dancehall bar here in town!
  I'm with the democrats on this one:  if you don't have to show ID to vote then let's drop it for other activities by the citizenry!  It's raaaaaaaccccist!


Anonymous said...

Since the Demorats don't want to have to show I.D. when one votes, have everybody stick their finger in the the ink jar like they did in Iraq, then everybody knows you voted. 1. This cuts down on voter fraud. 2. No need for those corn ball little stickers they pass out that say "I voted". This I know will add to the unemployment line, but life is full of trade offs.

d smith kaich jones said...

I had to show ID to get into the emergency room to see my mother - they have their little scanner right there, and make you wait while some security guard okays your visit to a loved one. Although I would like to see them try to stop me.

This is such BS. What a bunch of cowards we have in the legislature.

Unknown said...

You be xactly right,baby!

Anonymous said...

You guys arent getting it. ACORN wants their people to be able to vote in multiple states primaries and vote republican or democrat. It is much harder to get a photo id like a drivers license (which must be mailed to a permanent address) than a voter registration (which can be mailed out or handed out and no one checks the ID of the person recieving it).

Dont you remember all those allegations of voter fraud against ACORN during the primaries?