Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Deercam

  Daytime coon.  Never a good sign.  We've zapped two distempered raccoons out of here.  This is a good reason to carry a suppressed 10/22.

  Mature pregnant does.


  I may not be the most organized guy in the explored universe, but I try to drive all the cats into the same basket.  I made a cam sweep at the TMA land and got home with an empty pocket.  540 files on the card....but no card.  That kind of stuff makes me.....unhappy.  Upsets the balance between my Ka and my Ba.
  This morning I drove back out and saw the card on the edge of the trail from the drivers seat.  Glad to get it back.  Survived a little shower as well.
  Two big pregnant does on cam.  A daytime coon.  The rest was the usual crow/jay/cardinal/squirrel mob.  Glad to see all diners.

Update:  Cam sweep at the lake.  Overweight crows and some big-butted squirrels.  Scattered deer tracks here and there.  Lots of mosquitos and Poison Ivy.  The Great Blue Heron rookery is going nuts with noise, though I passed on walking up on the ridge for a closer look.  The young tend to panic and start expelling squirts of noxious acid-frog-fish big bird poop on anything strolling along under the nests.  Pardon me for being graphic, but you don't wanna go up there.


Old NFO said...

The usual eaters...LOL At least they aren't drive by, walk by maybe :-)

Paladin said...

Glad you found your card! I've had moments like that, myself. Most usually with tools I've set down somewhere and forgotten about them.

And THANKS for the little link to the "Penguin" site... I had stumbled across that funny site a long time ago and had completely forgotten it :) I bookmarked it this time.