Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily Deercam at TMA Land

 Update:  I went back and added this frame.  Look at the long cut down the side of the deer in back.  Some big cat nearly got this deer.  NOT a Bobcat.

  Long body pregnant doe.  Probably ought to name them.

  You can barely see in this photo but the older of them (right doe) is marked up.  Big cat around somewhere.  Look at the slice across her upper front right leg.  There is a long slice down her right side.  They look very alert in several frames.

  Younger doe up front.  Older in the back.

  Hard to tell apart except the older deer is slightly smaller and has darker head markings.

  No deer at the lake, except as hoofprints, but the two does at the museum land in town seem to be hanging around.  Bound to see some fawns in a bit.

  Had a Bobcat cross the road in front of me coming out.  Nice to see them with my own eyes.  The creek at the cam was full of hoofprints.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You got painters in Texas?

Robert Langham said...

Yep. Plenty of cover and lots to eat. Must be one close. This is in town but lots of woodlots and contiguous brush up and down the creek. I think these does may be resident now until the fawns get here. Going to lay on the corn.

kilgor said...

Or it could be something as simple as a barbed wire fence...

Robert Langham said...

I've seen this before a couple of times. I don't think its fence.

Old NFO said...

Definitely NOT a bobcat.