Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daily Deercam

  Coyotes crossing the motion cam and going up the creek.

  After Mother's Day lunch I dropped by the TMA woods.  I haven't seen the Moccasine since he shed his skin but the pool near his root ball had a Southern Snapper submerged at the entrance.  Not a trace of a beaver so the water is low and as clear as I have ever seen it.

  I set my watch.  He didn't take a breath for 32 minutes at least, probably because he spotted me at the same time I spotted him.  Hard for a hot-blooded simian to outwait a 100 million year old reptile design.  And I didn't start today.  

  Rabbit, hawk, little fish.  Blooming yucca on the pad pushed up long ago along the frontage road for a building site that never got used.  I walked down to the beaver dam site and it's now a very solid sandbar that backs up a big pool, but that's it.  


Old NFO said...

Yeah, we will NEVER outwait them...

Robert Langham said...

I wish I had an hour or so...he finally left without surfacing and moved into deeper water. Wonder what the limit is?