Monday, April 11, 2011

TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship.

Chief Rick Tanner, home for two weeks from Afganistan presents TSRA Executive Director Steve Hall with a flag flown in theater.

Match Director Ken Gaby.

TSRA Junior Team Member on the line.

TSRA 2011 Highpower Rifle Champion Keith Stephens with the Ike Lee Trophy and his tube gun.

Sgt. Brandon Green during AMU Clinic.

More Sgt. Green lecture during AMU Clinic on Friday afternoon.

Emily Hogg with her AR15 at the AMU clinic.

Heavily armed teenager.

Rifle-fu demonstrated at the clinic.

Kids with assault rifles. A good sign in any culture.

Kids with gunz.

Top gives pointers on shooting them in the center.

Our favorite Hogg.

Giving directions to the Alamo.

AMU Clinic.

TSRA Junior Team member.

Two of our favorite guys, Travis and Clayton Rogers at the AMU clinic.

You don't see this everyday: Concussion pattern at prone position at 300.

Sunday shooting in crosswinds.

Green sends them while Anaya counts him down.

300 yardline grimace on Sunday during 9-25mph fishtailing pickups and let-offs.

AMU Team that won the Texas Team Championship on Friday. Then they had to leave because Congress and the President had FUBARED the budget. Then a bandaid was put on and they were back on Sunday. Can't anybody here PLAY this game?

The most wind anyone can ever remember at Camp Swift, solid from dawn till dusk. My rifle and gear are coated with red grit. Big turnout and a wonderfully run match by directors Ken Gaby, Rick Crawford and Don Tryce. Over 100 competitors shot the two day aggregate score match. 80 shot match on Saturday and a 50 shot match on Sunday. Team Day was Friday and the AMU also held a Highpower Rifle Clinic.


Anonymous said...

That picture of Dement (right?) with a Tubb gun is a scary thought...


Earl said...

Thanks for the pictures, the comments on the Budget whoas or woes, both seem to not work.... but getting to shoot is priceless, need some posters of the terrible teens with the ARs, they do warm my heart.

Earl said...

Just had to grab this wv


would fit Farmer Frank when he goes hog hunting, in Texas often I heard.

Lord MegaDong said...

So who won this year?

Old NFO said...

Thanks- Looks like some good 'education' too place, and kids with guns IS GOOD! :-)