Wednesday, April 13, 2011

El Ranchero

Cheap and quick place to eat that backs up to Los Guerros. This week was the first week the pup couldn't go- it's quickly getting too warm to leave her in the car. Wonderful cheap and good food, tastefully presented. You do have to watch Mexican soap operas or MTV, loud. They keep it cranked up. Mexican soaps have more overacting than a Jim Carrey movie and more cleavage than Fox News.

We won the war and built Texas to it's present state, now every Mexican with any sense is moving North. The war that was won is now lost. Border is wide open and going to stay that way. Demographics say the culture has already changed. Wish I spoke a little more spanish but some of the newcomers aren't literate in english or spanish. Great folks and I certainly emphasize with getting the heck out of Mexico. Los Rancheros full of folks who looked like they arrived last week. You see the families walking around the rent houses in the neighborhood looking in the windows and talking on cell phones.

Local bureaucracies have the property owners at gunpoint. Police hand out traffic tickets like mad....if you have a drivers license and address. If you don't, I think they just cut you loose. Gets tiresome being in the grip of government. Wish I could present a fake ID and pretend not to speak english, toss tickets, appraisal district notices, et. El Ranchero has horse racing photos all over the walls from the illegal horse track in the North of the county. Guy was shot up there last year and 600 witnesses just walked away. One of the local constables was handling the gate and security. By the time real LEOs got there there was only a body with no ID and a lot of hoofprints going out. That's modern life in Smith County. The commissioners want a new jail and the ISD wants some new schools. For the future. Gotta move forward.

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