Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Santa Anna to New Washington.

Santa Anna and Almonte turn SOUTH toward New Washington looking for the Texan government. Col. Almonte splits off to seize the Lynchburg crossing of Buffalo Bayou. To the North Sam Houston and the Texas Army approach the fork in the San Antonio Road. The North road leads to Nacogdoches. The South ford heads straight to Harrisburg. Sam is at the back of the column and a band at the front. A local farmer, Mr. Roberts stands at the intersection loudly pointing out the way to each. The band takes the rebel army South toward burned-out Harrisburg, BEHIND the Mexican Army for the first time.

Mrs Pamela Mann had loaned the army a pair of oxen to pull the Twin Sisters. She understands that her beasts are going to Nacogdoches, safe from the fighting. When the army turns South she appears on a mule with a bowie knife, cuts her beasts free and leads them away. Conrad Rohrer, the army wagon master goes after her but returns, shirt tattered and without the team.

The army marches 58 miles of muddy road into Harrisburg. They will retreat no more.

At Lynchburg, Col. Almonte chances upon a mixed-blood young lady famous for her beauty and charm named Emily West. He knows Santa Anna has an eye for women so he escorts her back to the General. The Yellow Rose of Texas is in place.

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