Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decision made at San Jacinto: Texans will attack, not defend.

The lunch meeting ends. Accounts vary as to who wants to attack, who wants to defend and who wants to retreat. The overwhelming sentiment is: Lets get it ON. So it's on.

Mirabeau B. Lamar shaves his horse's butt with the words: "Support your local Revolutionary" on one side and "Shoot a Mexican Dictator today!" on the other.

The Texans sort out by company in the woods. Sidney Sherman, (relieved of leading the Texas Cavalry), and his Tennesseans on the Texas left. They will go up the woodline and into the Mexicans on that end through the brush along the San Jacinto River. Burleson will be next to him up the left center of the field. Hockley, (replacing the wounded JC Neill), with the Twin Sisters up the middle, Millard and his regulars up the Texas right. Lamar and the cavalry will wide right to cut off retreat and roll up the end of the Mexican line against the Mexican Cavalry if they come out.

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