Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hard to believe you can't get this ammunition anymore. Beautiful little concealable carry pieces. French, I think, and 7mm caliber. Fold down triggers. I carry some old guns often- Colt Pocket Models in .32 acp and .380. Sure would be nice if these had modern ammo. Quite fashionable. Borrowed from a friend just for the experience. His MOTHER had them in her collection.

Who could ever object to being shot with such a fine, stylish, vintage firearm?


Old NFO said...

Those are a couple of nice ones! Not even any specialty manufacturers out there anymore???

Robin said...

Somewhere I think I saw machined pinfire adapter cases that loaded a primer inside the case with a pin to strike it. Can't recall where I saw them or cost.

Tam said...

The info on pinfire reloading was in the article on the Lefauchaux by Garry James in the recent issue of Guns & Ammo Surplus Firearms.

H.L.E. Books ( supposedly offers reloadable 7mm, 9mm, and 12mm pinfire revolver cartridges.

Robin said...

Whoa, Tam nailed it.