Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moultrie Blues.

One cam killed by kids, another which won't fire it's flash but has a VERY sensitive motion detector, another new cam moved to a new location.....and never has anything on the card. Need two new cams.

Also missing my Craftsman hand shears. I wear a pair out every couple of years and go get a fresh pair but this time I lost them at the same time they began to go dull. Trials growing shut at the lake. Need 'em, bad. When you catch yourself twisting off leafy need tools. Homo sapiens. I did have two good knives, a French folder and a WW2 Kinfolks sheath knife but neither are the right tool for twig clipping. Cutting through the brush looking for sheds ought to be easier.


Paul said...

Those thieving kids will follow your trail to find the cameras.

So STOP MAKING TRAILS. Don't cut brush amd try to erase your tracks.

Windy Wilson said...

In the Boy Scouts we learned that we could cut brush with a pocket knife if we bent the stems first to strain the fibers of the brush and then cut from the outside of the bend. Those Craftsman clippers with the spare blades stored in the handle are sure handy, I must admit.