Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Texas State Rifle Association Highpower Championship

Here's what 100 people on the range looks like. Half in the pits, 1/4 shooting and 1/4 scoring. This is the 300 yard line.

Big three-day match this weekend at Camp Swift. The TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship. The Army Marksmanship Unit is sending some folks. 92 folks registered at last count. Going to be a big crowd. That will put folks on nearly every target available for a four-relay match.

I won this, years ago, maybe 2008. Seems like ancient history now. Might be last person to win it with a Service Rifle. Someone from the AMU will probably win it this year but you do have to show up and shoot. Staying in the barracks at Camp Swift and eating BBQ in Elgin and Bastrop. Great guy and gun weekend. Riding down with Rick Crawford in his truck. Haven't shot in a month or more since I had several conflicts in a row. Mid-Range Championship is the last thing, also at Swift.

They keep telling us that the range at Camp Swift is going to be shut down and another opened at Brownwood. Camp Bowie. Been fun shooting at Swift though it is famous for invisible and tricky wind changes.


Old NFO said...

Enjoy and shoot em good Robert!

Anonymous said...

Wind changes and those lying wind flags.

Robin said...

Can't tell you how jealous I am.

Windy Wilson said...

What Robin said.