Friday, April 22, 2011


Houston is elected President of Texas.

Santa Anna doesn't make it back to Mexico until early 1837. He is sent to Washington D.C. instead where he meets Andrew Jackson. By the time he gets home he has been tossed out. He regains power, looses a leg to a French cannonade and gives the severed limb a military funeral. His replacement wooden leg is captured by the Illinois National Guard during the US/Mexican War. He helps invent chewing gun with investors in New York. He gains the Presidency and is deposed 11 times. Not bad for a genocidal megalomaniac who deserved to be gutted with a bowie knife at San Jacinto. He dies in 1876 in Mexico.

Emily D. West, is released from her indenture as a servant to the Morgans and returns to New York City.

Buzzards and coyotes eat Saracen. The Mexican dead are left on the battlefield.

Stephen F. Austin misses the whole war in New Orleans and is eclipsed by Houston. He dies in 1837 and the Yellowstone carries his body up the Brazos.

Deaf Smith dies in Richmond, Texas the next year. He is 50.

The bones and remains of Fannin's men are gathered and buried.

General Juan Almonte serves as translator for Santa Anna with Houston. The two men are held at the Phelps Plantation on the Brazos. Rumors of a planned rescue attempt cause the Texans to equip both men with iron balls chained to their legs.

General Urrea protests the withdrawal from Texas. He blames Filisola for obeying orders issued under duress, but he does march his army back to Mexico.

Mirabeau B. Lamar, Georgian and newcomer, land speculator and horseman becomes President of Texas and drives the peaceful Cherokee and Caddos, friends of the Big Drunk, Houston, out of East Texas.

The Yellowstone disappears into the mists of History.

The Twin Sisters are lost, probably buried near Houston after the Civil War.


Old NFO said...

And a great State is founded on the blood of those who defended her...

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the series.

Lazarus Long