Sunday, April 3, 2011

Santa Anna leaves Bexar and rides to join Ramierez y Sesma at the Colorado.

Santa Anna has packed up his new wife and mom and sent them back to Mexico. He then left San Antonio and is riding to joining Generals Ramierez y Sesma and Tosca at the Colorado across from where Houston's force had been. Floodwaters are beginning to recede on the Texas Rivers.

Houston is another river ahead, across the Brazos at Groce's Plantation North of San Felipe. A company of Texians guards the crossing at San Felipe with another group to the South at Ft Bend. Fannin and his men are a week dead in the fields outside Goliad.


Old NFO said...

That whole thing at Goliad was what motivated the Texans to fight regardless of the situation (in my opinion).

Earl said...

The Alamo and Goliad were not the kind of thing one would tolerate from The Mexicans. Best get rid of the dangerous, the Comanches should have been paying attention.