Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cat Nuttery.

Miss Kitty kicked off the Fleaquinox with about 25 fleas. I combed her for a couple of days and the count has dropped to nearly zero. I wonder about the flea-carry capacity of a fluffy cat. Am I getting 98% of them? 70%? 10%. Unknown but the hit count really drops over a day.
Last night she spent the night out and was missing this morning. That means she is locked in the neighbors garage so I went over and extracted her. Now she's rolled up in a cardboard box she favors sleeping it off.

Something killed one of the neighbors numerous cats. I don't trust folks descriptions of the scene enough to try and figure out what killed her. I have heard Barred Owls on the block every evening this week at dusk.

Update: Hardly a SINGLE flea- most days none, on the cat since the Fleaquinox. Maybe I got them all.


Old NFO said...

Sigh... fleas, plus escape plus owl does NOT bode well for the cat...

Anonymous said...

Advantage seems to work well on the barn cats and Little Evil.