Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Deercam

Little buck that just shed his horns.

Here he is again. Look at those head bumps!

Doe and yearling fawn. She'll have to run that fawn off soon as she gets ready to deliver twins. Look how marked up their coats are. Shedding winter fur but they still look like they have been in a tussle.


Last year's fawn, now a yearling.

Br'er Possum.

Woods leafy but dry. Deer tracks and sign around. Little cam on the knoll had a spiderweb wrapped around the side. I got a twig and raked it off- I could tell it was fresh and strong.....and had that random patter. Behind the cam was an Alien-Queen-grade Black Widow. Yug.

Poison Ivy. I smelled, (of all things) Chicken Snakes at one point. They ought to be courting and breeding. When the kids swiped my cam down in the flat I carried it's corn load up to the little cam on the knoll. The coons still haven't forgotten that that corn was once there. They were working the leaves and I had 200 files of coons at night. Armadillo came by and Br'er Possum.


Hat Trick said...

That one pic looks like the black smoke monster from "Lost"

Old NFO said...

Good pics, hope they will still be around come hunting season!